• As many of you on here already know, my Dallas & Michelle's (Forum Name: Mia) Nike, are brothers. They were 2 of the 5 whelped from Serengeti's Camellia [Sire was Basi] by Midge Greenlee. Anyway, we realized that we only live an hour or so away from one another & met this past Saturday. Although I am not convinced Dallas & Nike recognized eachother, they still had a blast. That is the best nights sleep I've had since getting Dallas. He slept like a rock from Midnight - 10 AM straight! :eek: We are planning more gatherings soon [like this weekend :p ]but here are some pictures of the crazy/fun day!

    The brothers vs. Mia in the battle of the chew toy. I think the boys were planning their ambush…

    Dallas & Mia talking to one another

    Sibling rivalry in the animal kingdom. LOL

    I think Mia is above this nonsense so she just observes the boys wrestling, smiliar to human boys v. girls huh? LOL

    Silly brothers!

    This is the only picture I managed to take where they are next to one another & sitting still. It is interesting because their personalities/mannerisms are SO SIMILAR along with their body shape/size/etc but their colorings are definitely unique to each of them 🙂 Both handsome boys if you ask me!

  • Great pictures, looks like they had a blast

  • They are beautiful boys. How nice they got to play together! Always love to see pictures!

  • I can't wait to see how they'll be this weekend sans Mia! Although Mia might be crying the whole we are gone lol.

  • great pictures

  • What fun! Great photos!

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