• 🙂 DISCLAIMER: User name does not reflect on anyone in my Family!! We have a 5 yr old female who our son named "Chasen". Who plays very well with our rescued 6 yr old toy poddle (Sassy). Chasen is fawn w/white chest and on the small size. Weighs in at about 15 - 16 lbs. Has really become a true member of the family. Dogs are happy and healthy and "live the good life"!

  • Hello there and welcome!!
    My name is Angee and we have a 12 week old Basenji boy that goes by the name Bandit….. and what a Bandit he is - stealing anything that is not nailed down!! We also have a 2 years old Lowchen we call Alfie.... very much a spoocher, just like the movie!!!

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