Let it snow let it snow ….

  • I am so glad I don't live in Canada anymore! I still work for a Canadian company and when I talk to them there is a snow storm every week! lol. They have gotten more snow this winter than the last 3 years combined! Not since I was a little kid could I jump off my roof onto a snow bank lol… ahh global warming where are you when the Notherners need you 😉

    I don't have any idea how your B's in the North go outside, mine won't even go if there is dew on the lawn lol.

  • ok wait I canm't say I'm glad not to live in Canada cause it's a fun place, let me re-phrase, I don't miss having to shovel 3 feet of snow after the plow just plowed a huge snow bank in front of your already shoveled driveway, I don't miss having to drive a rear wheel drive car and end up in the ditch for the bazillionth time, I don't miss havingto start my car 45 min before I have to leave to let enough time for the windows to defrost. Other than that I do miss Canada lol

  • I lived in Chicago most of my life…I know what you mean!
    My first B hated winter and the little boots I would make him wear!:D None of the dogs I have now have ever seen snow...or been in weather colder then 35 degrees.

  • I live in eastern Wisconsin, Kiel, which is near Sheboygan. Today we got 14 inches of snow, and last week Wednesday we got 16…its crazy! I have lived in this area all my life and I don't think I have ever seen so much snow! We just got in from snowblowing (we just bought one this year, and am realizing what a smart idea it was!) and the snowbanks are crazy. I took some pics and I will try to post them soon, as I got some of Tosca in it as well. She certainly is not a big fan of snow, but has gotten much more tolearant of it as the winter goes on. She used to not want to walk for more than 10 min, now she will go for quite awhile, even on snowcovered streets. But lately its been below 0 so too cold to walk anyway. Oh well, the fun of living in Wisconsin! We will be enjoying it this summer when we have our beautiful sunny 70 degree summer days, meanwhile the south will be swealtering in heat and humidity, lol 🙂

  • I wish we had some snow here, I miss it! It has been about 75 here the past couple days and it feels like spring. That is even a little more warm than normal for February in California. I guess I won't complain, because some of you would kill for that weather, but I still would like just a little snow! :p

  • @Jylly18:

    meanwhile the south will be swealtering in heat and humidity, lol 🙂

    ahhh yes the fun humid summers can't wait for it and also the high A/C bills lol

  • Here in Minnesota we've had 10 days so far where the temps went below 0F (below -18C) - EL D was born here so he gets used to it pretty quickly and he'll still go potty outside when its that cold but he won't dither around outside much until it "warms up" to the 20s F. Even to go potty I put a coat on him though.
    He stays out of the deep snow drifts (he learned that in a hurry one day) and has some pathways through the yard and pretty much sticks to them (except of course when a stupid rabbit comes in).

  • This has been my first winter living in Florida as I am originally from Maryland. I have enjoyed not havign to deal with snow & chilly weather. I know Dallas appreciates the fact that the coldest it has been was a pitiful 51*. Haha. However, there is talk of us moving back up to DC in November so…that pup may have some adjusting to do if that does happen! :p

  • Mia licks the snow off the ground hahaha

  • All three of mine LOVE the snow,,,,,,thank goodness because it has been snowing here quite a bit lately. I am a teacher and we have been off 12 days so far for snow and the b's wont hardly come in from outside when there is snow on the ground – so weird because they all cant stand the wet ground and rain.

  • Holy crap…12 days??? I am a teacher too and we have had an unusual year here with 2...and this is in Wisconsin! So do you have to extend long into the summer? Everyone here is freaking out because we have to go one extra day so far in June...lol..hopefully it will start melting soon though, the snow banks are so high you can't back outof the driveway without risking getting hit 🙂

  • i had ONEEEEEEE snow day so far.. and the roads were clear by like 9 am anyway.. we keep getting snow then ICE then RAIN.. just makes it a MESS

    i just want a HUGE snow storm so i dont have to do ANYTHING all day 😃

  • 😃 see her little tongue!? hahahah

  • That is adorable! Yeah, the big ones are great, a wonderful excuse to park it in front of the tv or computer and be lazy 🙂 Or, at least get my house clean! Although then later of course you get the not-so-fun job of snow removal, especially when its below zero and windy!
    Its hilarious how your puppy licks the snow…Tosca has never done that, although once I took her outside to go to the bathroom before bed and there were this BIG monster flakes coming down and she got so freaked out when they would hit her head...she would run around and start chasing them all over, at least as much as she could with a leash on...it was pretty funny!
    I am definitely getting ready for warm weather now though, especially since the pretty white snow has now turned to grey, annoying ice chunks...I long for the day I can go out and sit in the sun again, I am sure Tosca feels the same way!

  • Plus the snow causes boredom for Tosca…as we speak my husband is trying to sleep on the couch and Tosca is playing with her blue kong and keeps jumping up on him and whipping it at him when she throws it...its rather amusing actually...thats what he gets for sleeping at 9:50 on a Friday night..lol!

  • @Jylly18:

    Yeah, the big ones are great, a wonderful excuse to park it in front of the tv or computer and be lazy 🙂

    😃 😃 😃 😃 😃 😃 who needs snow to do that!?!? 😃 😃 😃 😉

  • Yes,,,,,,,,,12 days!!!! We have had quite a bit of ice,,,,,,,,my husband is from Illinois though and he says we are just soft!! lol,,,,,,,,We, here in Ohio, get 5 days forgiven by the state so we have to make up 7 so far (hopefully no more though). Also, our school district goes several days over the required amount so we hope they will forgive a few more,,,,,,,my son is a senior and graduation has been moved to the following weekend already.

  • ahhh we're driving 9.5 hours to ohio this weekend to pick up a motor.. (just how i want to spend MY weekend.. lol) i hope the weather isn't horrible! lol

  • I would love to see how Dallas reacts in the snow. He was shivering when he was outside today, in Florida, when it was like 60 out & breezy. Such a weather whimp! I swear when we move back up to VA this dog isn't going to know what hit him…

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