• I adopted a Basenji mix from the County shelter 12 days ago. She is a spayed female and they estimate her age as about 2 years. Her name is now "Honey", which describes her coat/eye color as well as her general disposition.

    I volunteer at the shelter taking photos of the dogs/cats to be uploaded to PetFinders to assist in marketing them for adoption, and when we took her out of the kennel, she impressed me with her mellow personality and good behavior. My two most recent dogs had been put to sleep over the space of 6 months last year Tater, (12+ yr. Lhasa mix from liver failure), and Squirt, (18+ yr. old Schnoodle-mix from repeat spinal-cord problems). I knew I would get another dog, but since the last two were rescues, was not sure when another one would "show itself to me as my next rescue dog". I knew I wanted a small or medium size dog, and a Basenji was on my list of possibles, but I wasn't looking for any particular breed type. I currently have 5 cats (all rescues, of course) and have had dogs and cats living together all my life – but have found Honey to be overly interested in the cats. (I'll read the threads on Basenjis and other animals).

    I have no idea what she is mixed with, but she does show some Basenji characteristics in appearance (well, those ears could stand up if she tried, I think 🙂 ), and behavior - cleaning herself, aloof but friendly with strangers, although some dog people are not considered strangers for more than 10 seconds. She barks rather than yodel -- not a lot, except when I leave her in her crate to go somewhere.

    I have found her to be sweet and loving as we have gotten to know each other over the last week and a half. She doesn't chew furniture or things lying on the floor, she is learning or re-learning basic commands, she walks very well on a leash and is happy to lie down quietly after we come in and not require constant attention. I didn't have time to gradually train her to stay in a crate, because I needed to leave the house the next day after I brought her home, but she willingly enters the crate (in order to obtain the tasty pieces of chicken) and lets me fasten the door before she starts barking/crying to get out. I've had dogs with separation anxiety (to some degree before) and I'm hoping that we can work this out as she gets adjusted to her new home. I'm working on desensitizing her to the cats, but not sure about how this is working. (I'll check those other threads and hope for success stories from others.)

    She is a little beauty, sweet-natured, and proof of how dogs can suffer through trying situations and still retain their loving, fun-loving natures. I'm glad I can say again that I live with a dog. 🙂

  • Welcome! And hooray for you for volunteering at the shelter to help the little rescues!

    Anne in Tampa

  • Welcome and congrats on your new addition-she's cute!

  • Anne and Arlene – thanks for the welcome! 🙂

  • Welcome…she's a cutie!

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