Hello from arizona

im new to this website i just recently bought 2 basenji's

Astro-my male
Bella-my female

They are both 3 months old & litter mates although I have had Astro for about a month & a half & I just bought Bella last week

They are my first Basenji's I have even owned & they are great so far 🙂

I have pictures but i dont know how to put them on here :mad:

Hi Julie,

Welcome to Basenji Forums! You can find information about posting your photos here:

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Welcome… to the forums...

Who did you get your Basenjis from? Not usual that there are pups this time of year... (born in July?)

i got them from a local breeder i found in the paper

they were born july 7th

Hopefully the breeder has done the DNA testing on the parents for Fanconi? If you don't know about Fanconi or the DNA testing (new as of July of this year), please read about it at www.basenjihealth.org. (and other Basenji health concerns) It is very important that anyone breeding Basenjis test their dogs for Fanconi so that we can rid our beloved Basenjis of this terrible affliction.

Welcome to the forum…I'm sure you'll find it fun and educational too!

The pictures in the gallery are so cute! Looking forward to more when you can!

Hi Julie! Welcome! I joined not too long ago and have had some challenges posting pics. I hope to upload pics soon. Where in Arizona are you located? We live in Buckeye. You will LOVE this forum!:D

I love in the east valley gilbert/chandler it is so nice finding other people in arizona with basenji's i always get alot of head turns & questions at the dog park but everyone who meets my dogs falls in love with them..

i meant live lol

Welcome! I bet they'll love the hot weather down there.

Welcome! Will be nice to see pics when you can post!

& do they love the hot weather!!!!
I met one guy down here that owns a B & he was telling me that his dug a hole in the back yard right where the sun shines down the most & he just lays down in his hole all day..he has a dog door so he can go inside whenever he wants but he chooses to stay out in the sun all day 🆒

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