Our family is breaking up this summer

  • Our family is breaking up this summer (daughter to residential college, no pets; parents to Zurich, no pets).
    Bingo is a 13 year old purebred, red/white neutered male and mellow for his breed. He's always lived with we three very different people and will sleep with any of us or on a couch. His hearing seems dulled, and he has mild arthritis.
    He's past the bad habit of chewing things but aggressive toward other dogs on the street (always walked on a leash of course). He lives fraternally with a tabby cat and a younger yorkipoo.
    Bingo enjoys a fenced back yard but its freezing now. He'll follow the sun from the house windows and lie in it when possible. Mostly he sleeps. He hates being kenneled.
    How can we best place him?
    Please advise.

    Formerly of Texas, now Fort Wayne, IN

  • Could you talk to his breeder? A responsible breeder would be happy to home, or re-home this veteran for the few years he has left.

  • but good idea to contact them

  • @brotherdave:

    but good idea to contact them

    Doesn't matter. Responsible breeders will always take back a dog they produced, no matter how far, or how old.

  • Are you one of the parents going to Zurich? or are you staying around?
    What is happening with the cat and the yorkiepoo?

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