• hahaha rockys head kept tilting from side to side.. he was almost upside down hahahaha

  • Blaze has perfected the word help. I can hear it outside and it sounds like a 6year old girl screaming for help. I swear I'm going to come home from work to find my place surrounded by the police.

  • ok the funniest thing just happened…we all know the funny sounds that they can make, Nike the new pup seriously say "ow" so I thought it was my dad or something making a funny voice, nope it was Nike, but he was just sitting there Mia was not harrasing him so maybe he's learning to talk lol

  • @Cruiser:

    So this is what I have to look forward to 😉

    Oh trust me, can be MUCH WORSE!


  • It got Duke and Daisy's attention too! Duke put his paws on the desk to see where the puppy was. Daisy jumped on my lap and watched puppy in crate - 3 times. I told them - "It's a puppy in bed…!" with a happy voice. I think they understood and went on their way. Very cute!

  • Aww Poor puppy 😞 I hate to see them whinning . On a funny note Phoenix is over here screaming, and the other 2 are barking in the middle of the room. making me deaf :eek: Apparently they think maybe his "little" voice is'nt loud enough to get attention so there helping out and making it alittle louder. lol 😃

  • Dane, Bella and Wrigley to the rescue!!!!!!!!!! lol,,,,,,,my babies went CRAZY when they heard this! They all three were up on their hind legs by the computer willing to help their fellow b in need!!! lol,,,,,,,btw,,,,,,,such a cute puppy!!!

  • @luvsmy2bs:

    lol,,,,,,,btw,,,,,,,such a cute puppy!!!

    Thanks 🙂 I think he's pretty cute if I do say so myself. Although the whining when it doesn't stop…not so cute! :p

  • You know I never had an issue with weezie having fits at sounds. She had her triggers though. I keep bells on my doors so that when she has to go out she will ring the bell, however she has also associated the sounds as somebody coming into the house. However Her and my new addition came running when they heard the noise. How funny, then it got me to thinking, (that can sometimes get me into trouble) what would they do if I went to the BCOA website with all the sounds that basenjis make (if you haven't tried it yet, do) Oh my gosh I can't stop laughing. They are going crazy, Weezie is trying to find out what the sounds are coming from, Buster isn't quite screaming, yet not far from it. I haven't learned the term for that one yet!! However I hope that the crate training is going well for you.

  • @weeziesmom:

    However I hope that the crate training is going well for you.

    With crate training I have had my good moments & bad. He will sometimes sit quietly in it, other times he will scream his little tail off! The worst is in the AM when I leave for work at 6:45 but my boyfriend is still trying to sleep for another hour or two. Dallas is having none of that! Once I get up & leave in the AM he screams so loud I can hear him getting into my car :eek: I'm sure his daddy doesn't appreciate it too much!

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