Synthetic vitamin K?

I recently read an article – which of course I cannot find now -- which commented that some dog food mfrs use a synthetic form of Vitamin K that has been linked to liver trouble.
The article stated that "better dog foods" are removing this ingredient, but it never said WHAT the ingredient actually is.

Does anybody here have a clue what we should be looking for in the ingredients lists?

It's called menadione sodium bisulfate.


It's called menadione sodium bisulfate.

Thanks! Now, off to check the bag… oh gad, I tossed it when I put the food in the bin. Okay, off to check the Internet!

I just bought a new food to try, I think it's called Nature's Recipe Lamb and Rice. Whatever it is, it's not what I went into the store to buy -- changed my mind once I got there. I hope I didn't make a mistake!

CRAP!! It's in there.

Oh the things I just don't know . . . . ugh.

So, anyone have stats or info on how significant the research is?
I mean, can they eat this bag, or be on it for a while, or should this stuff never cross their lips?

{You know, like how there was research years ago about hot dogs causing leukemia or something, then it turned out you'd have to eat like 20 hot dogs a day…..}

Here's an article you might find helpful - it explains it much better than Iever could:

thanks red and white furever

Yes, thanks… very much!

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