Everyone succumbs to Basenji love….

  • The look on both their faces is too much – each thinks he's won. 🙂

  • @renaultf1:

    Great pic…

    Oh, and we could have told your dad was a hunter...LL Bean sweatshirt, Ducks Unlimited mug :D. Hey, just tell him Rocky's a hunting dog, just not the typical one he was thinking of... 😃 😃

    The deer head on the wall helped too

  • hahaha.. 😃

  • Hey,
    Tell your Dad that Bs retrieve, they just might keep on running that's the only problem with that! My B, Sahara, loves to retrieve. I have a friend that years back found a B in a shelter and brought it home. Some years later he had his dog out in his back yard while he was working on his truck and his B ran off. Behind his house was thick woods and his B heard hunters and dogs and took off, he never saw his B again. He still thinks to this day that the hunters took his dog for hunting. Personally I would have found those hunters and found out for sure if they indeed had my B. I pity the person that ever hurts or steals my sweet Sahara, I have never seen a person love a dog as much as my husband loves her, and to think he wasn't sure he wanted her, she was quite expensive. It paid off !!!!

  • haha my parents dog is a 13 year old lab-rotty mix (who is extreeeeeeemely overweight)..and my dad actually asked if we wanted to switch dogs.. i was like ummm…i like my little dog 😃

    please excuse my hair.. haha it was 7:30 in the morning hahaha:p

  • I love that picture - Rocky's thinking "I've got him now!"

  • Rocky has a really nice shaped face & lots of nice Wrinkles

  • @Barklessdog:

    Rocky has a really nice shaped face & lots of nice Wrinkles

    his face is very chisled.. i know i have a picture that is crazy looking, kinda like hes a robot or something haha :p if i can find it ill post it

  • found it 😃

  • Very nice looking dog.

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