Where can I buy a collar for lure coursing?
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  • I am trying to find a quick release collar for Zahra when I take her lure coursing.

    We just joined our area lure coursing club so I don't know if anyone in the group can help me yet but I thought that maybe someone on the Basenji forum can tell me where they got theirs.


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  • I really like All Hounds Apparel because they will replace their collars for life even if chewed. I bought one and a month after I bought it Rio chewed it. I sent back the hardware and they sent me a new collar for free.


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  • Jenn-do you know when the first event is?? I'd like to go see an event first to see if C3 would be a good candidate for these events.

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  • Go to the American Sighthound Association website and look for the club closest to you, if you contact them they should be able to tell you the next meet, I know that the first time that you come out in my group it is free.


    I hope this helps you and anyone else!

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  • Do you have to join a club that is dog specific???

    I see there's the Borzoi club or the Whippet Club in NJ. I don't see any Basenji Clubs.

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  • I would contact the one that isn't breed specific, if that doesn't work you could always contact one of the breed specific ones and ask them for help.

    I think the only Basenji club near us in the Mid-Atlantic Basenji Club, check this site out for a club closer to you


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  • Here are a few pictures of the lure course collar….


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  • Betsey does Nick make these as well???

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  • I wouldnt be surprised if he does or would if you asked. I definately paid too much ($25) for mine when I was at an event and had to have one.

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