• Hi all,
    I am a first time dog/Basenji owner. (What was I thinking?!) Darwin aka "Puffer Pants" is about to turn 4. He's a handfull and I came here for support!

  • Hi! Welcome to Basenji Forums!

    Do you have any photos of Darwin? It would be great if you can post them in the Show Off Your Dog thread.

    Let us know if you need help posting your photos.

  • How long have you had Darwin? He looks really cute in the hat!

  • Welcome
    I too am a first timer with Bandit the 2mth old Basenji.
    He's driving us crazy already.
    Waiting for daughter to return camera so I can take a few pictures hopefully soon.
    I'm new to this…... can someone tell me how I post a picture for all to see and what format is best :o 😕

  • Hi Bandit,

    Please take a look at the help thread we started: Picture Help: How to add a pictures to your post, it should explain how to add pictures to your posts.

    If you still need help, let us know by Private Message and we will gladly help you out.

  • Welcome to pufferlover 🙂 I have a black and white female and her name is Arti.I live in Poland ( Europe).

  • Welcome home is all i can say …. i come here everynite and see whats new and whats going on with who...feel free to ask questions... Is always someone here that is knowledgeable in what ever crisis your having... It's a great place to vent your frustrations... or have a good laugh...

  • Welcome aboard. This is a great resource for information regarding your basenji. Would love to see your boy! Post a picture when you can.

  • Hi Darwin will get lots of support here. Welcome to the forum and enjoy! "Puffer" looks like a doctor in his cap. What a good boy to keep it on!

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