• I have a feeling that Zip's nails are too long. They go clickity click on the sidewalk when I walk her. Is that too long?? I'm getting a dremel in the next few days. The first time I had a groomer do her nails (most ridiculous $8 I ever spent, she didn't even use the dremel…). I wanted to watch her trim them because I'll be so worried about hitting the quick when I do them myself. Also, is it bad to walk Zip primarily on a hard surface like a paved sidewalk??

    thank you!

    Nicki, owned by Zip

  • For her nails it is good for her to walk on hard surface like pavement. Some dogs will click even with trimmed nails other won't. But the pavement will help file her nails down naturally. If that's were her walks primarily take, then if you get them good and trimmed then you might not ever have to trim them again as the walking will do that for you. Some dogs do need trimmed up though, depends more on the dog.

    As long as her nails aren't causing her toes to lay natural they are not to long in a bad way. But still clicking is a sign that they are needing a trimming.

  • Yes usually clicking means that they need to be trimming, but you also need to look at the foot… some Basenjis have flatter toes (no arch) therefore regardless of the amount of trimming they will click...

  • I forget, does Zip have light or dark nails? It's easy to see the quick in light nails. If she's relatively cooperative, you can clip them without much fear as you can see where the quick comes to. We use dremels on all of ours starting from puppyhood, but clipping can be quicker. We always have Kwik Stop available in case one gets nicked though.


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