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I contacted one of the breeders, but no one replied. It’s been a week since I wrote, so maybe they are just busy. Or maybe because I said I will be getting one In 3 years or so, and just wanted to know when I should get on the waiting list, maybe they thought it was stupid. I don’t know. <shrug> I will wait a while longer, and see if another one would reply.

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Where are you located Tanza Basenji? I would love to come and visit if someone is not too far

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@kembe oh thank you so much for the info!
Same thing happened to me with my previous doggie. I was waiting to get a puppy, and the breeder still had one left from previous litter. She was 6 mo old, still a puppy in my eyes, and she lived for 18 years after. I can’t wait to get mine! Just need a little bit more money squirrel away. I am living vicariously through all of you, lucky people with basenji

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So I am in love with Basenji, and will have one as soon as I retire in a few years, and buy a house with big yard for my pup to enjoy freedom of running and being safe behind a fence.

How long did you, guys, have to wait before you got a puppy? The nearest breeders to me would be Mata Hauri and Eldorado. I am in CT in tri-state area.
I was just thinking if the wait is 5 years or something, I better get on the list now!
Thank you

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