• we are bringing home our 2nd B very soon, and i have a question. Diego is not crated when we leave, and the new B has a fear of crates(and isn't destructive). Her previous owner used crates as punishment. If I leave the new B in a seperate room with the door closed, I have a good feeling diego will do anything he can(chew, scrape) to get into the room. So even if they get along when I am around, how do I know if I can leave them together when I'm gone?? Should I leave them together?? 😕

  • Do you leave your dog with full run of the house, or just put him in one room?
    I would take a long weekend.
    Get the dogs together, and see how they are.
    Depending on the intro and the way they react to things/each other, that will let you know if you can leave them together.
    Larger areas are better than too small, so they don't get cramped or have to feel like they are guarding a area…
    Good luck.

  • I too would take a long weekend and see how they act with each other.. can be that they would be find together… and you don't know what will happen alone together... but chances are very good, if they are fine when you are there.. they will be more then fine when you are gone... it is usually the "human" that brings out problems... as in showing off.. or claiming the human as their own...

  • sharron- Diego gets full run of the house for the most part, but all doors shut so can't get into bedrooms/bathrooms. He doesnt do good when you put him in just one room, he tries to get out.. when we bring her home i'm gonna stay home with them for about 3 or 4 days, so i should get a good idea how they are together.. thanks for the help!

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