I usually prefer the red and white like my Sahara, but your black and white is just beautiful. I think my next B will be a black and white also. Great pictures, and how did you get her to like the water?

🙂 🙂 🙂
I was surprised too .She likes it .My Arti hates
wet grass 😉

Wow! Your B & W Basenji is beautiful!

Arti & Friend…

MY Sweet …

looks like robert redford!
I like the muscular shoulder he's got!


looks like robert redford!
I like the muscular shoulder he's got!


Robert Redford is very beautiful dog.

01.10.2006 -National Dog Show in Legionowo (Poland)-Art Of Noice Loango-Junior Winner ! THANK YOU ADAM!!! 🙂

Beautiful Photos!! Thank you for sharing.

I love these photos Arti! All of your photos are so clear and beautiful. These two are definetly good buddies.

Basenji Mix

Hello Arti - Your B's are beautiful! And all the pics are great - love your camera. They are having so much fun. Don't you love watching them play?

I was showing my 8 yr old these pics. Do you know he immediately noticed something wrong? Your black & white doesn't have his collar on. It takes a little one to point out a no-no! I told him they probably live in the country and is very well behaved. We have taught my son well - Duke must always have his leash and collar on when out of the yard.

I enjoy your pics. Thank you.

Crazy_Duke Your son is very good observer !!!! Arti often running without collar. She need of the freedom.She loves the meadows … I one must admit that she also walk on the automatic lead ( flexi).She never runs free beside the dogs, street ...

Awesome pictures! I love them! Now if only I could get out with my puppers!

Again, BEAUTIFUL DOGS. My basenji is a mix breed and I am big on shelter dogs, but your black and white is SO handsome that I would love to have one some day. I look forward to seeing more pictures. Thanks for sharing.

What a beautiful girl. Thank you for showing all your pictures.


Very nice!! 🙂


My favourite pictures…


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