• I just wanted to share a funny story.
    I have been observing Chance in action.
    I left a kleenex box on the table and Chance just loves any type of paper. He
    will sit there on the couch and stare at me waiting for me to turn my back. He knows that the moment he takes that box momma will come a runnin but does he care???? NOPE
    Right at that moment when I turn my eyes away for just one second…there he goes. He grabed the kleenex box and pulled out all the tissue and decided to run away from mommy like it was playtime. :mad:
    He ran the entire house and would stop as if to say "come get me" and when I would lean down to grab the tissue, he would bolt away :mad:
    I'll tell you something..basenji's are too smart at times. They know what they should not get into but do they care....not really.
    The best part of it all is when I am running around the house screaming at the dog to drop whatever he has in his mouth....he will look up at me with those eyes and wrinkles and I just melt. :p
    How can you really get mad at this breed! They are just too damn cute! 😃

  • He's totally got you trained. I love it! 😉

  • oh geez Mia does the same thing all the time, if you have any kind of tissue or paper towel or just plain paper at her reach, it's gone lol. And no you can get mad at them, they are just to darn cute and funny!

  • Hmmm, we leave a box of tissue on the coffee table all the time and neither B has ever touched it. But you know, I suppose it's only a matter of time, isn't it. Now that I'm all confident my tissue is safe . . . I'd better move it.

    Paper Towels, on the other hand, I wouldn't leave anywhere near where they can reach.

    My kids do always give the B's the empty paper towel tubes to play with.
    My only rule is, the kid that gives it to them,has to pick up all the pieces. Amazing how much cardboard is in one little paper towel tube.

    Another favorite is wrapping paper tubes! Those are great because they can both play with it: tug-a-war, drag-around-the-house, etc.

  • I have guests often and we eat in front of the TV rather often. Most of my friends have what one would loosly refer to as 'manners' and tend to rest their napkin on their lap. Tucker likes to sneak in under the radar and snatch any unattended napkin. He's a nut for paper also.

    Does anyone have a B that eats the tips off of Q-Tips? I thinks it wicked gross. Tucker was doing well with keeping out of my bathroom garbage, but he's relapsed (after a string of company lately) and I've been finding the middle portion of Q-Tips on my bathroom floor (with the 'yummy' cotten ends eaten off). I have no idea why he only eats the cotton part. Furthermore, do any of you find that your B exhibits worse behavior in front of guests? He doesn't TOUCH my stuff, but as soon as someone visits and opens a suitcase or puts a bag down, Tucker is rifling through it and goes back to stealing stuff and getting into my bathroom garbage (and eating Q-Tips)…

    I think he uses guests as, what is loosely referred to as a 's**t screen'. (Kinda like when we were kids and we brought a friend home with up on report card day to soften the report card review with our parents? Of course this only applies to school miscreants and class clowns like I once was...)

  • A common line around our house:

    "You're lucky you're so damn cute or you'd be OUTTA here, lady!" 🙂

  • When my last Basenji, Caddie, was old and nearly blind with cataracts, she would still grab at anything white on the side of the road when I walked her, but her vision was so fuzzy that she grabbed at white rocks several times. I have to admit that by that time I wanted her to have as much fun as possible, and would sometimes give her clean kleenex to play with, because it made her happy.

  • ahhh how cute Kris…it's funny that you said your pup would grab stuff when she goes on walks, we moved into a new development and mia picks up empty chip bags, or other stuff laying around, just to drop it off a few feet further lol...they are so funny

  • Q-tips? No, but Charlie loves to lick our ears! He starts with the face, then quick zones in on the ears :rolleyes: … must be 'tasty' for him :p

    Oh yeah - and before the snow fell, he was quite the little garbage collector too, picking up chip bags, tissues, and so on, just to exchange it for for another goodie a bit farther down the road. It's so funny to read that other dogs do the same things.

  • really Puji, your pup licks you? You wouldn't know our Mia had a tongue until she licks her chomps when she sees a treat lol.

  • @Mia:

    really Puji, your pup licks you?

    Well, Charlie is half pug… maybe it's his pug side coming out 🙂

  • @Mia:

    really Puji, your pup licks you? You wouldn't know our Mia had a tongue until she licks her chomps when she sees a treat lol.

    My Basenjis lick… ALOT... especially Mickii and OJ... Kristii sometimes, Maggii, never...
    Mickii will lick till her tongue sticks to you if you let her....:o

  • Chance will lick until his tongue sticks to you 🙂 He will just lay there with his dry tongue stuck to you. Hahahahaha!

  • @Vanessa626:

    Chance will lick until his tongue sticks to you 🙂 He will just lay there with his dry tongue stuck to you. Hahahahaha!

    Exactly what Mickii will do also…:eek:

    And OJ is the napkin stealer... .... that is his favorite sport in live when we have company....

  • Well, Wed. my B, Sahara drove me crazy. She was in one of those I know you are leaving me and I want to keep you here moods. She was getting into everything, surfing my kitchen counters, bathroom counters, tables anything she could pull to her with her long legs so she could get Mommy to chase her for it and delay her leaving me. She got a couple of things, and then the ultimate thing, my glasses. She has gotten them before, I really try to keep them out of her sight, and she was chewing them, (I heard the crunch of hard plastic). Now my hubby had gone to a dental appt. so we could not double time her, easier to catch a basenji. She ended up making my lense fall out, I was really ticked. I was trying to get out of the house, had to meet my best friend for lunch, it was her B-day. As I was going out of the house with packages in hand, trying to lock the door, Sahara grabbed my glasses once again from my purse, and off she went AGAIN!!!!! I am outside in my front yard, yelling DROP IT!!!!! Does she do it? NOPE!!!!! Now she has my glasses and broke the right template off, so now I have my glasses that I love by the way with only one lense and one earpiece on them. I finally got in the car and dreamed of drinking a BOTTLE OF WINE!!!!! Of course I did not do this, a couple of glasses on special occassions, now to finish, I called Lenscrafters and they have to order me a new frame, and don't know if the frame I have is still available. I hate this b/c I have Black square eye shape, with rhinestones on the side in 2 small strips, I bet 100 people have commented me on my glasses and said they love them. To get to the point, All in All I love my Sahara and can always get another frame, but Darn she does drive me crazy at times. Would I trade he for another dog, NOPE, NOT A CHANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!:eek:

  • Do any of you have a B that loves to smell eyes? all four of the ones we have had go directly to the eyes of a new person…hard if they have glasses on. i wonder why they do that. 🙂

  • @Vanessa626:

    Chance will lick until his tongue sticks to you 🙂 He will just lay there with his dry tongue stuck to you. Hahahahaha!

    that is too funny, Mia does the same, I thought she was just a little lazy to actually lick lol!!!

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