Looking for a basenji lover to adopt 3 1/2 yr old

  • we are looking for a true basenji lover in New York, preferably, or near by areas to adopt our 3 1/2 yr old. we are needing to give him up do to lifestyle changes. we can't give him the attention he deserves and we want him to live his life to the fullest. He's a great dog, loving, playful, everything that a basenji is, so if you might be interested please respond for futher detail, asap.

  • On August 25th Godfrey said that he was in need of adopting a Basenji. He lives in New York.
    Here is the thread: Wanted: Curly tail to stich the hole in my heart . I Do not think he has a Basenji yet.
    I hope this helps.

  • Please contact me by private message.
    I can help you.

  • Does anyone know if this Basenji has a home yet?
    I hope Sharron was able to help or that Gordon found his way to this baby…

  • I am sorry, but they declined my help.
    I hope this boy receives the kind of home he deserves.
    I did try to help.

  • @sharronhurlbut:

    I am sorry, but they declined my help.
    I hope this boy receives the kind of home he deserves.
    I did try to help.

    Man, that is such a shame. I have a BRAT and you guys do a wonderful job of screening and matching up the right dog.
    Thanks to Virginia in Indiana I have my sweet little BBoy.
    Hopefully she rethinks and have you guys help her. I would hate to see a basenji placed in an uneducated home.

  • Thank you for the kind words.
    I can only help folks who want it.
    I hope the dogs are ok.
    I am always on the side of the dogs. grin.

  • Hi Refinnej I live in New Jersey & would love to take your little basenji!! I have a little boy the same age who would love a playmate!!

    Send me a message or an email 🙂 I tried to email you but was not able to.

  • Anybody have an update on this b? Hope he finds a wonderful forever home!

  • Nope, have not heard anything.

  • Me either…nada here! I was hoping to find a playmate for C3P0 😞

  • Well, contact the BRAT folks in your area.
    We have dogs coming in every day…darn it!
    Maybe one of them will be yours!

  • In a couple of other [non-B] forums I belong to, the OP would have literally been jumped on for even thinking of giving up their dog, for any reason. I'm ashamed to say that I've jumped on that bandwagon from time to time, albeit politely.

    I guess it's not really any of our business why someone feels the need to rehome their dog, is it? I think it's great that members here just tried to help, without making a judgment.

    I hope they found their baby a good home.

  • Its very hard not to be judgemental, but when I deal with folks rehoming their dogs, I do try to be kind.
    At least until I get the dog out of the home.
    Then I vent to my dog rescue friends.
    Sometimes, you just have to.

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