Brief suspension of Fanconi linkage testing

  • Linkage test for Fanconi Syndrome in Basenjis

    “Dr. Johnson has requested a brief suspension of Fanconi linkage testing so that he can concentrate on developing the direct Fanconi test. His lab will process all Fanconi linkage test for requests and samples submitted on or before December 20th, 2007. After that date, Dr. Johnson and his staff will focus their efforts on the development of the direct Fanconi test. Any blood samples received after December 20th will be processed and the DNA stored for future testing.

    The Fanconi test request form on the Canine Phenome Project site will be disabled on December 19, 2007. Unless a direct test is available earlier, Fanconi linkage testing will resume in late February.”

    Contact Liz Hansen at or Jon Curby at with questions

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