• From Stellasperson, This is a continuation of the posting I began and had to split into two postings due to size.

    My part time job during the summer is operating a tour boat at Mystic Seaport Museum, I take my Sweeted Heart and Stella along as my assistants, most passengers like very much for Stella to ride with them, many want their pictures taken with Stella, she usually obliges with a Hollywood like pose, of course the kids pet and hug her, she never seems to mind the mauling.
    She has been adopted as the mascot of the Boathouse at the Seaport, she is an official Volunteer, she gets credit for her time, We Made a Denim sleeve to fit over her collar, (Official Seaport Uniform) she has her own identification badge, and this year she is to receive a five year Volunteer pin.
    I have trained her to obey hand signals, two signals I have trained her to do is approach a person I point to and raise her right paw to "Shake", another is to approach a person I point to and "Sit Pretty", she does both well, and took little training. I trained her these "Tricks" for accepting her five year award.
    We all know that Basenji's don't like to get wet, during a rain storm Stella will go outside reluctantly, holding her head low, squinting her eyes in the rain, does her "Piddle" and runs back to the porch. She does like to ride with us in a small rowboat, and in our small sailboat, she stands in the Bow like a figurehead.
    She will grudgingly walk with us through water up to her chest, and that she may have to swim a bit in to get a small Island not far from the beach we live near.
    I've read that Basenji's are classified as sight hounds, Stella can see a cat or squirrel two blocks away, she gets very excited when she sights another animal while riding in a vehicle.
    Stella does love to snuggle, most evenings after her dinner she will sit at the foot of the sofa, as my Sweeted Heart and I sit and watch some TV. Stella stares at us until we ask her if she wants to get up on the sofa, of course she jumps right up between us and snuggles in.
    At night she will climb into her bed, but sometime during the night she will climb up on our bed, she likes her half in the middle stretched out across the bed. Numerous times I have woken up about to fall off the bed as Stella has pushed me to the edge of the bed.
    Stella does seem to understand a vocabulary and amazingly does as she is told with limitations as we Basenji keepers know they can be stubborn.
    One command she knows well is "Go piddle", she go outside, will then sniff around to find that special spot to squat.
    Often she will sit in front of us and stare at us, we have learned that this means "I want to go out". Has anyone noticed female Basenji's do a three legged squat? Not a salute like a male, but definitely one hind foot off the ground when squatting is this common?
    I am away from home for three or four months at a time sailing as engineer on ships, (I am now in Hawaii) but I get equal vacation time. When I get home I get smothered with "Doggie Kisses" (Sweeted Heart kisses first). While I am home my Sweeted Heart tells me that Stella is definitely MY DOG!
    We have told Stella many times "We are so happy you selected us".
    I have had dogs that I dearly became attached to, Stella is a special one.

    Stella Bella's Human Companion.

  • What a great great story! Sounds like you made an instant connection.

    My sister lives in NY and has in-laws in CT - I'll have to tell her about checking out the Seaport Museum boat tour.

  • You are a great story teller. Stella Bella's homecoming sounds like a book waiting to happen. I can't wait to see pictures of Stella!!! I have a b-mix too, but Hollie's only 35lbs!!

    Home Depot here lets me bring Hollie in with me. Have you checked with your Home Depot to see if maybe she is allowed inside?

  • GREAT story!!!! Pictures?????

  • The pictures in the gallery are great! She's so cute! Thanks for sharing!

  • Stella is beautiful!!! She looks like a giant size basenji 🙂

  • Found the pics,,,,,,,,she is a beauty!

  • Yes, We think she is a beautiful girl, beautiful muscular chest, runs like the wind.
    I will be adding to the story as I remember "Stella Stories", have added some this morning.

  • I have been told that I should write a book on the adventures of Stella, haven't taken the time, perhaps when I retire in a few years.
    I have not asked about taking her into HD, I have had too much fun talking to her by radio.

  • Because of my job and other obligations I operate the tour boat sometimes, occasionally, and when they can catch me. I advise calling the Seaport, asking for the Boathouse, or Sharon Brown to find out when Stella "Will be in attendance".

  • Hi, Yea, you have an interesting story about you and Stella. She is a beautiful girl, and appears to be a mix. She is quite large for a full-blooded Basenji, and the barking gives it away. She looks to me to be mixed with a German Shepard, just a guess, I am NO expert. I just saw German Shepard when I looked at her, and of course Basenji. It is apparent that you love this dog as we all do no matter what. They are quite clever and loving, always wanting to be near. At any rate, have fun here, and keep those stories coming.

  • Got to see her photos!! You definately win for biggest B mix… mine is only 35lbs. Stella looks like she could have some cattle dog or heeler in her (a guess), but definately a tri-color basenji!!!

  • What a wonderful story…she is a pretty girl...keep sharing....

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