• Hi there. My name is Lisa and my man is Kevin. We got our Quinn in Feb. 2007 when he was only 9 weeks old. We got him from Oklahoma and we live in Oregon so he had to fly to us. He was so small and cute. I would have never thought he would grow to be his size and definately not shy. He has tried our patients to the very end, but he can be such a sweetie. So we continue to keep him. We always joke that if he wasn't so cute he'd be dead by now. He has his 1 year birthday in Dec. And I do have to admit he is so much better, but still NOT GOOD… Some days I really wonder what we got ourselfs into. JUst 5 minutes ago he was here then not and dug out a plant. So he is in time out. We had this deck connected to the laundry room so we enclosed it with windows and a door to the out side. He has his own lounge chair and all the toys a dog would want. We had put a doggy door into the door that goes into the laundry room so during the day while he is locked up he can go through the doggy door into his large kennel to get warmer. He seems to like it. That is where he is now. So anyway I am here to find out that I am not alone and that maybe there is help out there. And maybe I can lend my knowledge (whatever I have) to help someone else.Thanks, Lisa

  • Welcome to the forum and where about in Oregon are you from? I grew up in southern Oregon.

    And where and who'd you get your Quinn from in Oklahoma. My husband is from Oklahoma City area

  • Welcome to the list. Who is the breeder that you got your boy from? Have you check with them if they have done the DNA Fanconi Test on his parents?.. If you don't know about health concerns with Basenjis, please go to www.basenjihealth.org and read about them….. hopefully his breeder has done testing on his parents. If not, you should at some point consider testing him for your own peace of mind.

    Sounds also like he is a typical B boy.... and that is great that he has access to the laundry room when you are not home to be warm and safe...

  • Just now while Mommy is busy on the computer my B, Sahara, just took off with the bathroom tissue. I put it up high but she jumped and retrieved it. I got after her with a water bottle, and as Bs hate to be wet she gave it over quickly. Water bottles will be your best defense against bad behavior. Whenever she gets something of mine or hubby's I get the water bottle, she loves my glasses, our cell phones, wallets, pens, hairbrushes, combs, my makeup (being a girl dog I understand the makeup, haha). I have teeth marks in alot of my things, especially wood furniture. She really chewed some wood chairs I got from Indonesia, I was really mad about that. I had to put those in the attic until hubby has time to do repairs. So my advice is watch your wood furniture until your B is older. Sahara will be 2 Jan. 31 and is leaving my furniture alone for now. The chewing was worse when she was a puppy even though I provided her with plenty of chew toys and treats. She still surfs my furniture for things on top to retrive, noticed by picture yours does the same. They are such nosey and inquesitive creatures, and stubborn, but boy do we Love her to pieces. She is also the smartest, affectionate dog we have ever seen. She loves her family and strangers also, and we are so grateful for that. In all the above faults we would not trade her for a million bucks. My hubby adores her and we are considering a 2nd next year. Good Luck on your Basenji adventure and stay stronge. You won't regret it, it gets better I promise, but never perfect, it's their nature.:D

  • Welcome to the forum! This is a great site to learn, share and have fun!

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