New to site

Just saying hi to great Basenji people. I'm not sure about all our personalities but we all must have a bit in common. Laughing at my 11 year old brindle girl is one of my favorite things to do…She's out of Colorado but currently lives in Virginia with me....Awesome Dog! Very well trained and is not too aloof. One word commands worked best for me

Hello and welcome:D

Hi there!! Can't believe you live so close! We're in Ashburn… moving to the 'burg soon!!
Post some pics!!

Hello & welcome from Canada. Nice to have you here.


Welcome from Minnesota. Tell us more about your beastie and post some pictures if you get the chance (we all addicted).

my little b's name is Dawn-Ri's Fancy Face aka Hope she is 6 years old…a love...she is pointed...

I thought that was you. 🙂 I hope things have been going well for you and the gang. Wow, Hope is 6 already, my does the time fly! Haven't seen Dawn in ages.

Welcome to the forums, it's a fun little community here.


Welcome to the forum!

Can you suggest a good vet in the area. What about a good boarding facility

not off hand…and i don't board my basenji nor my dobermans

Thanks. I'm finding my way around the site.

I've finaly posted some pictures…

Welcome at the forum!!!

I'm going to look at the pictures now! 😃

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