• well as usual Champ made me look like I was crazy. He has now miraculously reverted to his great self…oopss gotto run the DH is waiting for me...will continue this story tomorrow or later.

  • so as I was saying…the trainer came over tue night and Champ made no type of growling or aggresive noise....In fact Belle was the one doing the rough housing. I do think it also has to do with the fact that we've started the am walks again and a bit of basic training. Though this morning Champ did growl a little but it was real low and more of a protest towards Belle since I was snuggling with him and she kind of walked towards us. I know not nice but it's better then it being true aggresion. So I feel better now but must continue with the regimen. Definetly exercise and training makes for a better behaved B...though still hiding the pumps...lol

  • oh yes and last night I was actually furless on the bed. Of course had to push Belle off the bed about 10times but at least she got the message before 12.00am and went to her bed. But at 6 they came up…Hey baby steps...

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