• Hi all,
    I have a almost-4 year old male who's just a little sneak! He loves to chase squirrels and other creatures in my large fenced yard and typically loves to "help" me with my gardening. He also, typically, loves food and will try and knock his food dish out of my hands before I can get it to the floor! And if I'm not fast enough in preparing his dinner he'll take the dish and prance around the house with it!

  • Welcome! He sounds just adorable…and familiar! This is a great place to learn, share and have fun. Looking forward to pictures of your pup!

  • Hi Wizard, and welcome to the forum. It's an invaluable asset to me in my life w/two B's.
    Your boy sounds fun!
    Pictures coming anytime soon?

  • Hello and welcome!! I too have a squirrel obsessed basenji (mixed with whippet). As I type this, she is at the window…. watching for the squirrels!!

  • Welcome..I'm in PA but we have friends in northern Minnesota. How's your guy like those cold winters. It's only fall and my B is already getting whimpy. I love this forum it's lots of fun and helpful.

  • Welcome - from a fellow MN. Where do you live?

  • I finally got a couple of pictures of EL D up on the members gallery page.

    We live in the suburban Twin Cities area with a big enough yard so El D can run around enough to work off some energy. Even though he's an "only dog" there's enough neighbor dogs to keep him happy in the pee loop. He has the run of the house while I'm at work (surprisingly without problems) and burrows under the bed covers. I have a coat for him for winter walks but he barely tolerates it.

  • Aww, he's so sweet! Thanks for sharing!

  • Hello back at'cha from another fellow Minnesotan (East Bethel)! Welcome!

    El D is a very handsome boy. Thanks for sharing pix! My Magnum will be 4 this year, too.

  • I am from west of Minneapolis in Buffalo, MN

  • I'm in Blaine. I met a lady with a tricolor who lives in my neighborhood. I didn't realize there were so many in MN!

  • Well there are a couple of us breeders. Sally Wuornos of Sonbar Basenjis and Me, MIJOKR Basenjis. Up North there is Cresendo Basenjis (although she has not been breeding or showing lately and Faded Rose also not breeding often. down South Ankuh Basenjis - limited breeding) There are also 2 active puppy mills, one in Foley and one in Walnut Creek as well as another in Eau Clare WI that all sell animals and encourage breeding.

    So as you can see - some good some not so good producers of basenjis. Add to that people that move here with the dogs - the rescue dogs that we've all found homes for in MN and voila - quite a basenji community.

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