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I have never owned a basenji of my own, but I grew up with 3 different basenjis (so I guess I semi-owned them?), the last of which was just put down recently. A little back story, my parents owned 2 basenjis before I was born, so they have always been around. After those 2 were put down, we got another one when I was 11 or so. We were so excited! She ended up being one heck of a stinker, but she certainly had a huge personality. All those things set aside, my curiosity peaked just the other day when my husband and I were arguing over what kind of dog our neighbors had over. I insisted it was a shiba inu, he insisted it was a basenji. So we went over and asked, we were both wrong… it was a mix between the two! I started searching and ended up here, writing an introduction even though I no longer have a basenji. I look forward to basenji stories on here, as I have a few of my own (who wouldn't!?)

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