Jack's Dog Park Fun Video and Pics!!

  • I have been taking Jack to the dog park as much as i can before this baby finally arrives, I thought id share a good run and a couple cute pictures…maybe ill add more later, Id love to see YOUR Dog Parks Pictures too!!!!:D lol...ENJOY!!!

    Here is the video, he's just running and having a BLAST!!


    Here is Jack Looking at me checking to make sure im still there!! lol (his scruff makes him look fat, hahaa:D )

    I like this picture, he looks peaceful!!!:o

  • Heres some from our trip yesterday.

  • Ha ha… just kidding... here they are...

    I think after a while Tayda missed her crate... so she started sitting by the fence to remind her of it. ha ha.

    the 2nd to last pic is them after we got home from 2 hours of running around!

    So fun!


  • Jack looks like he's thinking about getting up . . . or is this after he's done running around? 😃

    Tayda and Lenny DO look like they need some rest! Very cute pics - Looks like a very nice park.

  • Love the one of the dog laying half in the house with his head out the door!! ha!

  • Both Tayda and Lenny do that. Not sure why.. doesn't look all that comfortable…. here's Tayda laying w/ head out the door... ha ha 🙂


  • Sugar lays under the chair with her head across the bottom rungs. Then she falls asleep to heavily, chokes herself and wakes up just to do it again!

  • AWW…love the pics. cant see some of them, but adorable!!

  • @Tayda_Lenny:

    Heres some from our trip yesterday.

    Dang it i cant seem to get them to show?? cant see them…darn it😕

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