Lexi's Video Bank

Check out Lexi's videos- Gotta love those quirky little Basenjisms!! 😃


Bella sure has enjoyed the videos, especially the one with the chicken! She watched that one the whole way through, turning her head this way and that!!:D

Love the tricks she can do, rolling , dancing and "barking" on command 🆒

Wonderful, thanks for sharing. It was nice to see longer videos of basenjis online. Youtubes are all so short.

The dancing….....well done! Thanks for sharing it was all great.:)

Does anyone's Basenji like to pose as much as mine does? You can put her feet and hands in a certain place and tell her to stay and she will. And if you touch your fingers together, she'll look exactly where you tell her to and focus her ears on that too. She's so funny. I love taking pics of her! My little supermodel! 🙂

A recent video…

"Wee! My foot - I'm outta here!" is what she/he? (was it Miles or Lexi? It went too fast.) appears to have said! Come visit VT and they'll learn to "love" it!!
All of your videos are great! Keep 'em coming!

i love the one where your b's being chased!!! lol SOOO much energy!!!!!!

The one in the snow video was Lexi. It felt like I was out there much longer than 2 seconds… But yeh, we all were like, Weeee! It's snowing... and then realized, burrrrr, it's cold-- let's get outta here!!

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