• Ever do massage on your B? My pups love begin massaged, especially on their feet (and who doesn't love a good foot massage!). Once I start massaging, they are asleep and snoring in no time. ~ Lori ~

  • Lori–funny you should mention that. When my last B was about 15, he started losing muscle in his back legs due to nerve degeneration from old age. So I took him to a physical therapy practice. I used to call his physical therapist his "personal trainer." Since Max hated water, instead of having a whirl pool bath at the end of his therapy, his PT would give him a massage. Since Becca had gone through lots of training for animal physical therapy, she was excellent at massage. Since Zoey goes into a trance almost when I massage her a little, I was planning to call Becca and see if I could bring her in just for a massage--kind of like a doggie day spa 🙂 Tyler doesn't care for massage much--so this will be a girl's day out for me and Zoey 😃

  • Doggy massage are part of our training ritual. We ask them to sit & we massaage & we get them to lay on their side & rest their face on the ground while we massage.

    It's a method we use to relax our "feisty dogs" we use this also when we're around other dogs & they're too aroused. WORKS WONDERS!!!!!!!! 😃

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