My Black and Whites

Here is my one favorite picture of my girl Rally's head and a pic of her handsome black and white son owned by my mom.


What beautiful B&W you have.

This is exactly why I love blacks so much…look at how flashy they are!!!

Thanks. I love how striking the contrast of the black and white is. Black and white is definately my favorite color but I love my red and whites also.


Oh I may be biased, but I love all Basenjis…color is just personal preference. If say I was a judge, I would pick the best dog/bitch no matter the color.

I can appreciate a good dog of any color. I know many people who do not really like black and whites. They can appreciate a good one but it wouldn't be their first choice color. I actually didn't attach the pic that I meant to on Friday, so I'll try again and see if I get the right one this time.


Beautiful babies. I do so love the black/whites. 🙂

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