• So if you had to choose between a 9 year old perfectly well behaved female B who has been left behind by it's owners or a 3 year old, untrained but nonagressive, friendly female B who has not had the proper care: no exercise, other dog's to play with, and has not had owners who understand B's to bring into your family with a very active , friendly male B what would you do?:o

  • Personally, I'd go with the 9 year old. You don't know what her real personality is like. I think she could be a fun basenji. Is there any link to see her? The untrained part doesn't bother me-I've had older, untrained dogs-just takes a little more patience and practice to train them and most of them have the focus needed to train. This 9 year old may start to play more. But also, what is the condition of both dogs. Is the 9 year old in a foster home that has a little time? What is the condition of the 3 year old? What are it's circumstances? It's a hard decision to make either way.

  • The 9 year old is completly trained. The only concern I have is her age. I know she still has some years left in her but what then? What happens to Champ, what happens to us? We've been through losses before and it was heartbreaking. I know even with the young ones you never know but hope you understand my concerns. She's right now placed in a foster home. The 3yr old is the one in need of training and she's going to be placed in foster home tomorrow. Her foster home is limited to I think only a little time. I so wish I could take them both but I would have to kick the hubby out to make room.

  • I feel that we can give the 9 year old a good home and I feel so bad she was left behind. I would really love to take her for my own personal happiness but it's really about our Champ. I'll speak to her coordinator later and maybe pick a meet up and see how they both (her dog and Champ) interact. Actually I'm going to a Basenji meet-up tomorrow maybe I'll ask her to join us.

  • I have always liked mature pets because they are trained, but I would think about your basenji and what it needs. An older dog who's somewhat settled (as much as a basenji can be) or the young dog who might be a more playful sibling. This is my uneducated guess…. good luck making your decision. Let us know what happens.

  • My last B Max was very active until he hit about 15. The two I recently adopted are 6 and 4. And they are much more calm/relaxed than Max was at 15!! I think it does really depend on the dogs and the situation. I do have a soft spot for older dogs–to give an older dog a good loving home for their later years is just the best.....

  • my thought exactly about the older B. She is so beautiful and I don't tire in saying how my heart aches for her. People can really be lousy!!

  • take both

    Basenjis do much better in pairs.

  • Yes Well I Already Have The One So Can Only Take One More. Believe Me I Want To Take Them Both

  • In the other thread you're talking about being quiet. I would take the older girl. When Basenji's start playing they are really, REALLY loud. Sounds like a pack of Hyenas going at it.

  • well they will be crated when we are not home and i think they really mean the whole barking thing

  • oh too true LOL!

  • Let the dog you have now pick

    can you go somewhere to let your dog meet each dog?

  • yes that's what were are hoping. Since I'm leaning towards the older one and my husband the younger, I told him that it's best to meet them both since the chemistry is the most important thing here.

  • Pre arranged marriages are not always the best thing. My sister had two cats, one died and she got another and the other cat just hates the new cat, won't have anything to do with her.

    Since It's a boy girl thing, I would think your dog would be fine with either.

    Remember girl's usually rule the roost.

    I can't see them not letting your dogs meet, try to make it a low pressure neutral place if you can. I am sure they want the dogs to end up in a good situation, if they are responsible people.

    Originally we got a male and when we brought home the new dog/female puppy, he was great with it right off the bat. He even scalded/corrected her when she did something that they were not allowed to get into or do. They played and had a great time. He was very gentle with her. I can't say the same of her- those puppy teeth were sharp.

    Who knows which dog he would like. Also if you let the dog choose you can't blame each other down the road.

  • well one is here in ny so meeting won't be a problem.. The other one is in washington DC, not too far but still about 4 hrs away not including hourly stops for the Champster to stretch his legs, so that might be more of a ?

  • Stretch?

    We leave our dogs in there crates for up to 4 hours at a time when driving. If they are empty before you leave, they can last a lot longer than an hour. They usually sleep all day sometimes in their crates by choice (door left open) all day.

  • How old is the male?

  • he's 1 1/2. I have a compact car so Champ drives in front with me so I don't want to take any chances. That reminds me I have to get to the store to buy that halter/seatbelt attachment.
    We just finished watching this kind of korny movie.."year of the dog" if anyone has seen it that's totally me. If I had the space I'd be going to the shelters and adopting all the dogs.lol

  • That's a tough one! I guess you have to meet both of them and see which one is a better companion for the dog you already have? Good luck 🙂

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