No more Mr. Quiet Guy

So Champ is almost 1 yr 9 months old and we've had him for 7 months. He was always pretty quiet and occasional baroo or that yawning thing B's do. Some snorting but now he's aroooing alot. Sometimes louder and more often. I love when he's verbal but would really love to know what he's trying to say. Hopefully soon we'll get some music out of him. Oh yeah and now he does this like not so much growl but still this sort of mummble/grunt sound to show that he's not too happy with what is going on.:p

LOL, sounds very cute

Oh I'm sure you'll discovery many many more sounds 😃

can't wait I love it when he tries to speak

Hollie's barrroooo is so cute. Just one reason I love this breed. Hollie's barroo is her "happy" sound. She did this one day at the park and a lady jumped back saying "what did I do?" I told her Hollie was just happy, that she wasn't growling at the lady. The woman actually thought Hollie was growling… too funny!! Doesn't sound like any growl I've ever heard.

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