Dog fighting, USC asst coach

wonderful no wonder vik has support and might be coming back….they are all digusting...they should be put in an arena with real mad, rabid dogs no weapons and left to fend for themselves.

I just don't get how they have so little compassion for the animals.
The dogs have no choice…
They are forced to fight.
That is truely a horror for the dogs.

After the Vick news broke, I read more than one article that said that dog fighting is fairly common among the NFL players….

Well, maybe the hurt on the pocket book Vick has taken will wake these guys up that it isn't COOL!
I can only hope.

I hope so, too. It sure has brought this terrible, terrible abuse to public light. I hope that it really has a detrimental impact on dog fighting for years to come. What has shocked me is how much more pervasive this is in our country than I would ever have imagined.

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