• This is a request from the heath committee of the Basenji Club of America… you do not need to be a member to participate.

    Okay to forward.

    From Lisa Auerbach,
    Just a quick update and request from Dr. Gary Johnson. Gary would like to test additional samples of Fanconi affected dogs to be used in development of the Fanconi direct test.

    If you already have a sample in the CPP data bank, your affected dog can be tested at no charge, and listed on the OFA web site at no charge. Just request a Fanconi test, and note "Affected - for research" on the form.

    If you have ever submitted blood to the University of Missouri, there is a good chance your dog's DNA is on file. This includes the blood-based HA tests done at Nationals in the 1990's, various blood draws at Nationals in the 90's and 00's, etc. If you have a question about whether or not your dog's blood is on file, please contact (Lisa Auerbach) me (I can provide the email addresses privately if you are interested for Lisa and/of Jon) or Jon Curby. Lisa's info can also be found at her web link below

    If your affected dog does not have DNA at the University of Missouri, please register your dog in www.caninephenome.org and send in a blood sample per instructions on the Fanconi form. Please write "Affected - for research" on the form. You will need to arrange for your own blood draw and shipment - please contact me at itzyu@prodigy.net if you need help. You do not need to include the $60 for the Fanconi test - that fee is waived for dogs already known to be affected at the time of testing. Some local clubs and groups are arranging mass blood draws and shipments - let me know if you need help.

    Thank you for participating,

    Itzyu Basenjis in Virginia, USA

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