• On Saturday at the Lompoc Valley Kennel Club show under June Penta, Sophie the black and white, half Avongara went WB/BOW for her second point. Sophie is 7 months old and is really more of a clown than a show dog in the ring. I really didn't think we were going to win our class let alone take WB. On the table she couldn't stop wagging her tail for the judge. On the down and back, she didn't want to leave the judge to do the down and back. So I was amazed that we managed to win our class. For WB, I had Rio in the ring and had my mom bring Sophie back in. Well, Sophie thought it was play time and was wagging, wiggling, and batting at my mom so much I had to ask the judge if it would be okay if we switched dogs. Her response, "I think that would be best." And even after all of her clowning around she still managed to beat her sister.

  • Gotta pull for the B/W's!:)

    Congrats to you all!🆒

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