• I'm Sasha, Cookie's the basenji, she allows me, my husband and 2 girls to live in her house and clean up after her and sleep in her bed! We live in Colchester, England. Cookie has been great off the lead until recently!, I always walk with a friend and very stupidly let her give the recall treat to both the dogs, so now my friend is on holiday, I can't get my own dog to come close enough to put her back on the lead. Very embarrasing indeed! She is great in that she will always be close by, always responds to a call or whistle but just doesnt want to leave the park, everytime we succeed in tricking her, she remembers that trick next time, I've run out of ideas, does anyone have any suggestions.

  • Hi Sasha. Welcome to the forum. I have noticed that with Dash when we decide to leave the park we just go. We call him and walk away. He may ignore us at first and then he runs over. He hates to be away from us. It is the same tactic I have used with my son. you can try that.

  • Hello and welcome to the forum…May be you can post some pictures when you get a chance...we love those here...I lived in England (Ipswich) for three years a LONG time ago...Beautiful country...I miss some of the British "way of life"...I got my first English Springer Spaniel (black & white) there and brought him back to the states of course...He passed away many years ago...Jojo is my first B and we have only had her for 5 1/2 months...We adopted her from BRAT...Again welcome...

  • Thanks, if only Cookie was as predictable as my girls, your right she doesn't want to be far away but every trick to actually get a lead back on her is failing, The only thing that still works is to go up to another dog owner for a chat and wait for her to come and see their dog and the grab her. I suppose I'll have to try and retrain her to come back (if thats possible once they've decided to ignore you).

  • Hi, I will get some photos sorted out… We are only 15 minutes from Ipswich, we probably get the best British weather down here, not to much rain. I'll let Cookie of the lead today in the park and see how we get on.

  • Well, I don't know what advice to give except to not feed her in the morning and then offer her a special special treat, like cheese or sandwich meat (turkey) and see if she will come and get it. My Sahara will do anything for a special treat, good luck! Welcome to the forum, I am so glad you are joining us, we have great chats here, I am sure you will gets lots of great advice. Again, Welcome!!!!

  • Welcome Sasha!! And COOKIE!! I'm sitting here amazed that you can actually have her come back off lead :eek: :eek: I would be terrified to let my B's off lead for fear that they may not ever come back.

    Sorry I can't give you any advice here 😞

  • Hello and welcome! Let us know how you make out with the off lead issue! Oh yes, pictures are always great!

  • Welcome Sasha and Cookie!!!:D 😃

  • My first basenji would come for nothing.

    One time when I was about 15, I had one of my buddies beat me up so I could catch my dog. It didn't take long for "Mowgli" to get into the fight, and I grabbed him then.

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