• This afternoon there was a squirrel in a little group of trees off our back porch. He was running through the branches, up and down the tree trunks, making Jazzy and Keoki CRAZY!! Jazz was most determined to get him, as evidenced in her attempts to fly up the tree. I had more fun watching them.

    Link to a few more photos of the "squirrel hunt", if you have a minute to spare:

  • A little hunters 😃 This is good moment for doing pictures:)

  • That's very cool JM, it's those tails that drives them nut's.:D 😃 😃

    Loved the pics, nice job!:) 🆒

  • Fun!

    We had baby bird slaying in our yard yesterday ICK! Of course they didn't totally finish the job…...need I say more.....

  • Yes those bushy tail devils.

    I love the pic where it looks like he's climbing the tree!

  • I'm glad to know my Hollie isn't the only squirrel obsessed, tree climbing basenji. The first time she actually GOT up into a tree I was alone, with no camera. Several friends have now witnessed this feat… has to be the right tree, but basenji's can climb them!!

  • man i would love to see a pic of that!

  • In all honesty, the tree has to have a FORK in it a few feet off the ground, but with a running start THERE she is… Hollie in a tree. 😃 Too Funny!! She also seems to remember that particular tree and she pulls me to it everytime we are at the park. She does the same thing in my mom's backyard. They must want those squirrels pretty darn bad!!

  • It does not help that some squirrels tease dogs, coming almost a few feet away from the dogs on trees then running back up the tree.

    That's why I call them bushy tailed devils.

  • Aww man, when Jack see a…you know what...he goes NUTS!!! lol. its SOO funny...i wish i could let him go so he can REALLY go for it, but no can do...(military housing)

  • Oh please tell me you all are just lying about this tree climbing bit :eek: :eek: I don't think my heart can take it. My 2 get into enuff trouble as it is now I have to worry about TREES!!!! :eek: :eek:!!!

  • With Jazzy, it's more of a JUMPing than an actual climbing.

  • A good running start and the right tree and Hollie WILL be up it right after that blasted squirrel!! 😉

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