• How things can change, Saylah went from three Best in Fields to earning the Turtle Award at the Evergreen basenji Club Specialty Trial, for the lowest qualifying score. Paul and bill are taking it in stride. She did not have a good day.

    The course was full of unexpected turn which played havoc on the dogs which anticipate. This a standard practice with EBC specialty trials, done to separate those who chase and those who course.

    Congratulation to all the winners, for those who did not place, best wishes at the next trial. Most of all, a big round of applause to all those who made this event possible and everyone who came out to run their dogs or just watch.

    Some Jumoke Highlight

    Max was second in his flight, earning 30 points. This gives Max 78 total points, only 22 more to go for his Field Championship, not bad considering he has been only entered in three ASFA trials.

    Max on the Fly

    Topaz was second in Field Champion stake, earning 27 points toward her LCM. Hopefully this will help her maintain the #2 ASFA standing and gain ground on #1

    Way to go Topaz

    We all got our butts kick by the new kid on the block, Tig, Baraka Prince of Abu Tig, own by Bob Goodrel. This was Tig’s first ASFA trial, only certifying that morning. Could not be happier for Bob and Tig, outstanding.

    Of course, I do have brag a little, Tig is sired by Can/UIC- Int CH Jumoke Quita African Luxor MC FCh JOR out of DC /Can/UIC- Int CH Jumoke Quita Dream of Qena MC FCh, JOR, MBIS, BIF, BOSS, bred by Paul Root and Bill Bowlus, one their kids and another one of our grand kids.

    Outstanding Tig

    Laurie and I will have to get together with Paul and Bill to offer Bob a congratulation gift. A set of new coursing blankets, with lead shot sew in. 🙂

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