• Anytime Chance gets in the car he immediately starts to drule. Not the type of drule that sticks to his mouth…It is literally like water. And when sometimes while breathing, bubbles come out of his nose. I have to use a tissue to catch the water dripping from his mouth. Its really strange when he does this. Its only when in the car!
    ANyone else have deal with this???

  • Could be stress, I've seen it happening in shows but not with b's.

  • Jazzy does this. I've always assumed it is stress because she gets carsick, too, and really hates traveling.

    I put a towel under her, and keep paper towels handy to wipe the saliva off the dashboard, the doors, etc.

    It is gross.

  • I would also say motion sickness…. you can get motion sickness pills that might help

  • Yep, I would agree motion sickness. It causes the salivary glands to activate…come to think of it, it works that way with humans too, when I am feeling queasy lots of extra saliva...

  • Nexa did this on the ride home from the breeder. We were trying to figure out what she was doing, then she got sick. It hasn't happened again in the 4months since, so we thought she was probably just very stressed. At least it was in the first 10 minutes in the car and she slept the rest of the way home.

  • Our female did this until she got used to car rides. It takes time or a lot of car rides.

  • @Barklessdog:

    Our female did this until she got used to car rides. It takes time or a lot of car rides.

    Well, Jazz is 2 yo and we're still waiting . . . . 😞

  • Ditto…Topaz does this with LOTS of saliva. The first time I thought she had peed in her crate...I couldn't figure it out. After a lot of car rides she does it less now.

  • Ours actually stopped within the last two years and she's 5, so it did take a while!

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