• Rather than highjacking the B-Deck thread I thought it would be better to start a new post of pics of YOUR Basenji outdoor compound

    Heres mine, 5' wood fence, barried boards at the bottom. Drainage screens at either ends for the swail & rain. An overlook hill, Pond with stream,Sun deck

    what does your compound look like?

  • I WANT your pond!!!!

    Dh and I were just discussing putting a pond our back yard, but he figures the one that I want would run about $20,000, LOL. So, we are at an impasse until we decide on something less elaborate or we win the Lotto.

  • We did it our ourselves with an Auquascape kit for about $3,000. I'ts not hard to do, except digging the hole, hauling the dirt away & rock. We have a natural hill for the mini stream.

    A pond is also a lot of work, cleaning the filter pads, spring cleaning, fall cleaning, then these guys come and eat all the fish- now we just buy feeder goldfish and do not let the kids name them!

    Gives the dogs plenty to chase though!

    If you build it they will come!

  • Ohh, I once had a nice pond when I lived in the City. Now, my pond is 10' deep and I have a resident muskrat, turtles, fish,(not goldfish) and ducks.

  • Beautiful!

  • Very nice, some lucky B's indeed.

  • That sure looks like B Paradise to me! Lovely…

  • So, the dogs do not mess with the pond? In spite of their hatred of water, my wife and I always worried they might get into it our something when she was thinking about doing a pond.

  • No they stay out, but love to watch the fish. The only bad part is they drink out of it, which we highly discourage. There is no chemicals we put in it, but it can have bacteria in the water, like any natural water.

    Mostly they ignore it and our yard unless other animals are about.

    They just lay around and use it as a bathroom. The only thing they really have an interest in is their walks. They get bored oh so quickly with ANYTHING!

  • Wow what an amazing BasenjiLand you have there 😃 😃 we may have to extend the road trip 😃

  • aww I'm jealous, we live in military housing and for that kind of living i think we have a pretty cool backyard. We have a porch and grass and rocks and then a hill leading down to our neighbors backyard (they have a golden retriever names Cassy Jack loves to play with) but our front Yard is SO much bigger. I wish Navy housing would let us do things like put in ponds and more complete landscaping, but really we don't stay in one place long enough for it to be really enjoyable…(but i bet the next people who moved in would be thankful, lol) NICE yard though!! wow.

  • My Bs never cared for hanging out in the backyard even with a dog door to go out there anytime. It's mostly used for short sun bathing and defication/urination. They get enough outdoor satisfaction from the off leash hikes I guess.

    Here's my friend Susan's backyard in Woodstock, NY.

  • @Barklessdog:

    A pond is also a lot of work, cleaning the filter pads, spring cleaning, fall cleaning, then these guys come and eat all the fish- now we just buy feeder goldfish and do not let the kids name them!

    If you build it they will come!

    WOW! What a yard! Isn't this a Blue Herron?

    Short story: My neighbors have a waterfall/pond with coy fish (giant goldfish). They HAD a plastic Blue Herron decoration next to the pond. My DH and I were having coffee early one morning on our deck when all of the sudden - he looks up, points and says "A pterodactyl!" OMG! We don't see them in our area often. So we watched this graceful creature land and slowly gate to the pond. One by one it would pick up the big fish, toss it about to position for a head first gulp. I was in awe! Anyway, after the folks noticed their fish missing, they got a beautiful shear type of netting. I might wonder over and take a pick of it. (I don't really know the people as they are actually on the block behind our house.) They also got rid of the Herron decoration, like a decoy.

  • Blue Heron decoys are supposed to keep herons out of your pond, because they will only fish solo. We had one, but after a while they ignored it and ate our koi anyway. I stopped trying to fight nature and instead go with the flow.

    Blue Herons are really shy. One movement and they fly away. they usually only come when we are not home.

  • WOW now that's one athletic YARD!! I bet those dogs look outside & say…"so anyone up for going to work out today??" 🆒

  • They rip through our garden & yard everytime they go out hoping to surprise/catch animals.

    I had to go around certain areas of the fence where the female (tiny tank) hits the fence, when the squirrels runs up it and screw the boards in. The contant inpact knocks the boards loose. One time she blew right through the fence into our neihbors yard! She just stood there confused like "where am I?"

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