• Being chased by a dog while bike-riding is not so unusual, in fact my niece was just bitten by a doberman last week while bike-riding, but how 'bout this attack?

    Last night my daughter, 20, was riding with a friend along a winding, woodsy road when she heard a rustling the brush and a PEACOCK came charging out at her legs.:eek: She sped up to make her {shocked} getaway, and the peacock went out to the center of the road, making all kinds of noises, and spreading its feathers. I guess he felt he'd done his part to protect his territory.
    I'm not sure when she'll be biking down that stretch of road again. LOL

  • That's funny!!! hahahahaha. I've heard of fowl (foul??) doing this before eg geese,ducks, etc.

  • Aggressive PEACOCK?? What the?? :eek: :eek:

  • My teenage son was riding his bike through a Target parking lot and a Canadian goose flew and attacked him from his back & knocked him off his bike.

    There was a nest in the parking lot he rode by.

  • Once at a local park before I had my b mix Hollie, I had a poodle mix and she and I were both chased by a WILD TURKEY in a city park…. hilarious!!!

  • LOL!!! Now that's pretty strange attack LOL:D 😃 😃

  • Would like to have seen how my HUNTING obsessed basenji mix would have reacted to that turkey. I believe Hollie would have gone after the bird!! My poor little poodle mix was terrified.

  • I know my Shadow would go after it-he already attacked and ripped open one of my chickens a few years ago.

  • It's hard to believe how big a wild turkey is, until you see one up close in a city park chasing you!!!;)

  • We have a huge flock of them out behind our barn all summer long-boy are they noisy!

  • peacocks can be used like "guard dogs". They're aggressive, and territorial.

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