Unusual attack…

Being chased by a dog while bike-riding is not so unusual, in fact my niece was just bitten by a doberman last week while bike-riding, but how 'bout this attack?

Last night my daughter, 20, was riding with a friend along a winding, woodsy road when she heard a rustling the brush and a PEACOCK came charging out at her legs.:eek: She sped up to make her {shocked} getaway, and the peacock went out to the center of the road, making all kinds of noises, and spreading its feathers. I guess he felt he'd done his part to protect his territory.
I'm not sure when she'll be biking down that stretch of road again. LOL

That's funny!!! hahahahaha. I've heard of fowl (foul??) doing this before eg geese,ducks, etc.

Aggressive PEACOCK?? What the?? :eek: :eek:

My teenage son was riding his bike through a Target parking lot and a Canadian goose flew and attacked him from his back & knocked him off his bike.

There was a nest in the parking lot he rode by.

Once at a local park before I had my b mix Hollie, I had a poodle mix and she and I were both chased by a WILD TURKEY in a city park…. hilarious!!!

LOL!!! Now that's pretty strange attack LOL:D 😃 😃

Would like to have seen how my HUNTING obsessed basenji mix would have reacted to that turkey. I believe Hollie would have gone after the bird!! My poor little poodle mix was terrified.

I know my Shadow would go after it-he already attacked and ripped open one of my chickens a few years ago.

It's hard to believe how big a wild turkey is, until you see one up close in a city park chasing you!!!;)

We have a huge flock of them out behind our barn all summer long-boy are they noisy!

peacocks can be used like "guard dogs". They're aggressive, and territorial.

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