18m old purebred female looking to rehome (TN)

  • Hi there,

    This is a very sad post indeed, but due to reasons that are not the her fault, our basenji Mei needs a new home. Her breeder is aware of the situation already and agrees a new home would be best, but is unable to take her in. I am trying to make this as untraumatic as possible for her and hope she can go directly from our home to her new one.

    Mei is AKC registered, chipped, and spayed. She is for a pet home. She is trindle in coloring (tri, with brindle in the red). Mei is a super sweet snuggly love bug! She does have some dietary needs, the biggest being a chicken intolerance, but after A LOT of trial and error we have found food and treats that make her belly and skin happy. She is happiest with her humans and 8 hours days alone would not suit her at all. Mei absolutely needs an experienced basenji home. She also needs a home without children. I cannot say how she would do with other dogs, as she has not had a lot of exposure to them. Mei is behind on her training and has major separation anxiety and is still destructive when crated. We take full responsibility for these things and also know that with some work and the right environment she would make an amazing addition to someone's life. Without going in to detail, it's not for lack of want or love for Mei that she is looking for a new home. We would really like her to find her ideal home and be able to live her best life, which despite months of effort is not something we can provide.

    I am happy to discuss things further with anyone who thinks they may the right people for this loveable animal. We are located in southeast TN.

  • Information about this pup? Contact information? Exactly where in TN? You can email me, my email can be found on my website, link below.

  • And if you are on Facebook, there is a site BASENJIS in need: Golden Opportunity, that you might want to post her there with your contact information People would most likely want to know who the breeder is and health information. You can contact Linda Daves Siekert via FB Messanger but she is the Admin for this Group

    Only those posts with basenjis LOOKING for a home will be approved due to trolls perusing this group and contacting people inappropriately.
    So if you have a basenji in need - LET US KNOW!

  • I'm in Knoxville and my family has had Basenjis for many years. I'll be happy to talk to you about Mei and see if we can help her.

  • @mhmei said in 18m old purebred female looking to rehome (TN):

    I am happy to discuss things further

    oh! I wish I may, I wish I might, I wish I could!!

  • @lifewithava it doesn't seem like there's a message feature here on basenjiforums which I wasn't aware of. I'm not keen on posting all of my personal info on a public page, so I made an email address for this purpose. [removed email] We can chat!

  • @mhmei - There is a message option, it is in the upper right hand corner. But I will send you an email

  • @mhmei I sent you an email with my contact info. You can call or email at your convenience-- or if you want to chat through the forum, that works, too!

  • @lifewithava - Yes, I got your email and saw that you responded to my email and also noted your girl on the FB site... hopefully you will be some responses... Did you respond to LifewithAva? that left a message for you?

  • The email was returned as undeliverable. I thought I remembered the gmail address MHMei provided before deleting, but I must have gotten it wrong because the email bounced back last night. I resent it this morning, just in case.

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  • Has Mei found a new home yet?

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