• How old is he? I assume you have had a complete blood panel done just to make sure nothing physical is going on? Instead of trying to make him play, work his mind with things like sit, down, stay, come, etc.... there are many games you can play that work his mind and will engage him. Use high valued treats to reward him. Do you take him for walks? Honestly being in the breed for 30+ years they really don't play per say like other dogs. They get bored easy, example would be something like fetch... they might go get it once or twice and then game over they are really not a breed that likes to fetch over and over like a Golden. As far as him running off that is a game... play the game, this is what Basenjis do. Again, work his mind.... have high valued treats, call him to you.... have him sit, reward...

  • @tanza thanks, yes I always play the sit, stay and down but I thought if there is anything more I could do. I know basenjis are very different to other dogs and so I thought if anyone has advice of any other brain stimulating games.

    At least I know it's not me! Oh and he's a 7 months old puppy 😀

  • @little_t - You can try hiding high valued treats and do a "go find" game...

  • Its easy. He needs a buddy. Get another Basenji. Mku went into a 'quiet mode' when Hoover died but came right back as soon as we brought Kito into his life. The two are inseparable now and play together, hunt together, curl up together.

  • Try a flirt pole, my B loves it! She's not into general dog toys but she loves the flirt pole and its a great way for us go engage.

  • @lawrence-chow Just what is a flirt pole ????

  • @zande
    Flirt Pole for dogs.

  • Thank you - we achieve the same thing, tying something onto the end of a broom stick ! (Cheaper)

  • Lunge whips work well.....cats certainly love to chase them! (makes it hard to lunge a horse when you have to constantly worry about the cat getting trampled!)

  • Chase is great... if he's chasing you. But if you're chasing him, this is very bad.

    Playing chase, with him chasing you, will also help with engagement. Play chase with food.

    Also, I would recommend hand-feeding for (at least) a month. You want to build value in you.

    In addition, it has to be said, that some puppies are just lazy and like being bummy. You can encourage active behavior by making yourself valuable (so he wants to be around you) and by making activities valuable. At 6 months however, you might be out of luck. Still, it's your dog, so it's probably worth it to give it a dedicated try.

    You also, might want to try using more valuable food rewards (like steak, cheese, etc. (whatever he loves and doesn't typically get much of)).

    Best of luck.

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