Go To Ground Sport

Does anyone know if Basenjis participate in GTG sport? Do you have any experience with it? edit: I see the AKC calls it Earthdog and only small terriers. Still, I would like to do this on my own.

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@beth314 I've never even heard of it before now, but will look it up later today! 👍

I'm putting myself out there for someone to tell me I'm wrong... but, isn't "Earthdog" sporting/hunting typically done with short legged canines? I can't imagine a Basenji going into a dirt tunnel after anything. They might try to dig down and make the hole bigger, or stick their head in, but they aren't going into the hole. Their body structure just doesn't seem appropriate for this activity.

@beth314 - You can read about Earthdog sport at https://www.akc.org/sports/earthdog/
AKC Earthdog is a dog sport involving a simulated underground hunting scenario. Many Earthdog breeds were bred to hunt subterranean quarry and still possess those instincts.

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yes, I've read the AKC website. I was hoping for an activity that is prey/hunting related because I thought Basenjis had a high prey drive. I posted before reading the AKC info.

@beth314 Consider lure coursing, or do you want to actually hunt (for real)?

@beth314 - I think the issue with a Basenji doing Earthdog is that those dogs go underground to seek their prey.... (as in for trials they make tunnels and the prey is in cages at the end).... and that is not an activity that Basenjis really do. They might try to get to the prey by digging on the top of the ground, but going underground I don't think so.

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