Just saw this article - Popular flea collar reportedly linked to 1,700 pet deaths...

  • That's certainly concerning. I really never used the collars because I didn't think they were actually effective. And I question anything that is a "one size fits all" product. Granted, the Soresto collars come in "large dog" and "small dog" sizes, but dogs can be anywhere from 2 to 100+ pounds. Where is the logic in that?

    I practice the same caution with the monthly flea & tick & heartworm pills. If the product says that it's for a 20-50# dog and my dog weighs 23#, I buy the next lower dosage. IMHO, how could a 23# dog need the same amount of medicine that a dog twice it's size needs? I also tend to give the pills every six weeks instead of every 4. My reasoning is that the manufacturer's have to make sure that the product works, so they have probably decreased the life expectancy of the product to prevent complaints, recalls, and bad press. The strategy works (for me), even if it makes me sound mildly paranoid. I'm just trying to be aware of what I give my girl to keep her safe.

  • @imbj i saw the headline yesterday, but read your .inked article. Nope. Won't be using flea collars on my pack. Maybe the percentage of reaction is small, but the deaths and pictures of nasty open wounds... nope. Not gonna risk it.

  • The issue with flea collars is that if you have more then one... then others can be found to be chewing on them.... Not a good thing, period. I would never use flea collars and in fact at home they are Never in their regular collars... We are lucky that we don't really have a big flea problem here in No. California, but on the few times or if traveling, I will use Frontline especially for ticks when lure coursing... but that is only about 2x's a year that it is needed. And I have always hated those ads they have on TV... sigh... I do give heartworm pills, but only for heartworm... (NuHeart)...

  • @tanza I never used a flea collar on Jengo. Never had a problem. I did on my Aussie mix. Although, he did get regular grooming. I never used any tick repellent on Jengo either, but I sure did pull a bunch of them off of him over the years. Mostly from trail hikes in spring and early summer. Pretty easy to spot on a basenji.

    As far as dog collars... I do have them on both Logan and Sparkle at all times during the day. Name, phone, city license, and rabbies # We're really diligent about doors and a secure yard, but if something happens. I want them back. I'd be beyond crushed if I lost one. When they play I do see them tug one another around by the collar. Another reason to pass on a flea collar.

    I've gotta start a heart worm regimen. I'll look into yours and discuss with Stella.

  • @jengosmonkey - If they have not been on it then typically (Heartworm) you need to have a blood test to make sure they are not already affected...it is done in the Vet office. It is not a huge problem in No Cal... but since I travel to shows, I do use heartworm... but only NuHeart not Heartguard that other worm meds in them...My C-Me doesn't do well on the Heartworm period, I like it better when you could get it for just Heartworm and not the others. I don't feel or never have that they need that.... And yes, fleas are easy to see on Red/White Basenjis and ticks also, but not on Tri/Black & Whites... not even Brindles depending on their coat color. I do only give mine heartworm until the first frost that we will get in No. Cal and then pick it up again when the weather turns warm

  • Saw this update this morning...

    Congress asks for recall of flea collar that may be linked to nearly 1,700 pet deaths

    "A Congressional subcommittee has asked that a popular flea and tick collar be recalled after being linked to the deaths of close to 1,700 pets.

    Democratic representative Raja Krishnamoorthi, of Illinois, who serves as chairman of the subcommittee on Economic and Consumer Policy, sent pharmaceutical company Elanco a letter on Thursday asking it to recall its Seresto collar.

    The subcommittee asked the company to also release information about the toxicity of its product and to issue full refunds to customers affected.

    The collar works by releasing tiny amounts of pesticide onto the animal over several months, which is supposed to kill fleas and ticks that are harmful to pets including cats and dogs."

    Click the Headline link above to read the rest of the article. Hopefully no one here is using one of these.

  • @jengosmonkey - I agree, I HATE their ads on TV! And of course I never ever use flea collars... because I have more than one and they tend to use collars as a "grip"... and that said, I don't have collars on mine in the house even when I was down to one elder.... collars can get caught on things and choke them... and especially when we have a litter in the house

  • @jengosmonkey said in Just saw this article - Popular flea collar reportedly linked to 1,700 pet deaths...:

    The subcommittee asked the company ... to issue full refunds to customers affected.

    So, your dog/cat dies from the collar and Congress sets a price on that loss equivalent to the price of the collar? Which is what? $20-30 (USD)? Clearly, our Congressional members are not dog lovers!

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