Introducing other dogs (puppies) to my B

  • Hi everyone. I have a situation and looking for some guidance. 2 of my kids will be moving back home with me. They will each be bringing a puppy with them. One is a French Bulldog, the other a Border Collie. Generally Rama does well when meeting other adult dogs. I have noticed that she is not fond of puppies from our daily visits to the dog park. She would growl and snip if the puppy came near her. Any suggestions on how I can make the addition of the 2 puppies to our home the least stressful as possible for Rama?

  • Well, the basics. Introduce away from home on neutral turf. Probably better to bring one into the household at a time. Generally puppies (you didn't say how old) will have "puppy immunity" initially, I mean an adult generally won't attack a pup but may snark and put them in their place. Let her do this as long as it doesn't get serious, she needs to assert her place as "boss". And make sure you give her more attention than you do the pups! I expect you will get some good advice from others here but based on my experience it is easier to introduce a pup than an older dog.

  • Some dogs will accept puppies where they would not accept adult canines - Rama may accept them somewhere quiet. Basenjis usually love puppies.

    In any case, make the first introduction off the premises, in some spot which is strange to the pups AND to Rama. Let them play there - not in a dog park, too many distractions and other dogs.

    Ideally in the garden of a friend if you can find one and are allowed to in this covid age.

    If no garden, it might be an idea to introduce one at a time, keep pup and Rama on leads on a quiet road, with two of you at first, then one of you takes both dogs and lets them gradually get to smelling the same blade of grass. Once this happens and you have apparent acceptance, be careful how you take them into your house. Let the resident Rama enter first. It is her home, she should be the welcoming committee.

    Make sure Rama has a get-away hole where the puppies can't reach, for peace and quiet. A different room, a special bed or chair out of reach of the pups.

    Support Rama if there is a bit of snarking. Pups must learn their place in the hierarchy.

    Once you have one pup in place, do the same with the other one, but take both pups along.

    One thought occurred to me. Regiment their feeding so they all feed together, preferably one person is in charge of feeding all three of them at the same time !

    Good luck,

  • @drama - Also regarding feeding, yes to feeding them all at one time BUT they need to be separated "not" share a food bowl. I feed mine in crates, all have their own food to eat.... and you need to continue to treat Rama as "top dog" to you....

  • Thank you everyone. I really appreciate the help. Puppies will be joining us soon. I have also made it clear to my kids that Rama will be the top dog in the house and what to expect. I will try all your suggestions and hopefully it will be a smooth transition.

  • @drama I know your dog's name is "Rama", but I think "Drama" would make the perfect Basenji girl name! :smiling_face_with_open_mouth_closed_eyes:

  • @elbrant lol, her official name is Drama Rama.

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