• A small brag - our 2 1/2 yr old "Dude" went to his first lure coursing event this last weekend - he had never even seen one. In 2 days, he earned his JC and qualifying scores in his first trial!
    Big thank you to Joel Brody for encouraging us to try coursing with Dude and for releasing him in the trial when I was too nervous! (My last coursing dog is now almost 15 years old…)
    Dude came in 8th out of 9, but he qualified! Most people think he has the potential to become a good courser with more experience. 🙂


  • Congratulations and have fun!

  • Congratulations! How exciting!

    A few weeks ago I took Jazzy to a lure coursing event, just to see if she showed interest. She did for the first minute or two, then went to sleep field side. LOL I'm not sure she's a good candidate.

  • he was quite fun to watch, but the joy in your face that weekend was even better to see. Looking forward to seeing Dude and more of the Illusion crew at coursing events.

  • Congratulations! That is so great!

    I took Zahra for the first time last month for a practice. She is only 6 months old and only did half the course but the group thinks she has potential.

    Her first time she ran she started going then ran off course, pee'd and then got right back on the course! LOL!

    My Puggle, Chase, ran as a wannabe and he did awesome! After Zahra saw Chase run she ran even better the next time.

  • Good for Zahra! Sometimes they just get so excited they just have to pee! But it's great that she went back on the course.

    Dude has a thing for brindles. His wrestling and racing buddy here at home is our crazy Energizer (you know, she keeps going and going…) brindle Amina. So when he went against a brindle boy in the first heat he charged gleefully over to him at the end - the boy was not impressed! In the second heat he was up against a dark brindle girl who even looks like our Amina. At the end of that one he ran over to her and they took a tour of the field together. He's not aggressive about it, he just wants to play! He totally ignored the reds that were also coursing.


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