Wanted Basenji - NW of England

If you post me privately, I can at least send you the addresses of the Breed Club secretaries but right now is NOT a good time to start looking for a Basenji unless you are dedicated enough, have done piles of research and manage to get onto a Breeder's waiting list for next year's crop.

This winter's puppies (as your research already will have shown you, Basenjis are once a year girls) are on the ground and starting to leave the nest - having been reserved months ago. Mating and whelping will start again in September 2021 in 99% of cases, pups being ready to be rehomed in February / March 2022.

We are just hoping there won't be too many opportunists breeding untested (for at least Fanconi and PRA) dogs.

cast your hunt wide - like all over the world. I lived in Hawaii and got mine from N.Z. Cost was $2,000. Most airfare.

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