To Clear Vision and Fast Healing...

@zande Yes, you are farsighted like just like me, so readers are what you're after. You might consider Amazon and have them delivered? I punched in Amazon UK and went there. Then searched 1.50 readers and this pops up...

I use 1.50, but you may need less or more magnification. You probably won't know till you try one. I'd send you a pair but they won't get there till late the first week of February from what I could learn. There are some sites that recommend getting more magnification than you need at first. That said my wife uses 2.25. That much gives me a splitting head ache. 1.75 is about as much magnification as I can stand. If you order them online, I'd consider starting with both 1.5 and 1.75.

@jengosmonkey tomorrow morning first thing ! That is very helpful. It won't get me driving but I will work on getting what little brain I have left to adjust and adapt.

The surgeon phoned me. He is not best pleased. He would not have done the first eye if he had known he would be unable to do the second.

He will try to fit me in as a private patient at an NHS eye hospital before the end of the month. Insurance won't pay unless it is done at the Spire which is one of their hospitals even if the same surgeon does it. But I have to find the money somehow. He will waive part of his fee which will bring the total cost down a bit.

I am not young enough to have time to be patient and eyes are so precious.

@zande said in To Clear Vision and Fast Healing...:

OK, I am probably being selfish,

Not at all! Vision is priceless! Is there no appeal process that would allow you to get permission for the second surgery in a timely manner?

Absolutely none. This happened in the first lockdown. The NHS simply took over all private hospitals and clinics in March. By July they started allowing private patients consultation but only in August did they release operating theatres for use evenings and weekends. I was lucky to get my knee replaced on a Saturday.

The obscenity was that in a 25 bed private hospital there were just two overnight patients my first night and for the 2nd and 3rd nights I was the only person in the entire hospital.

If the same thing happens again, months of total takeover. . . It doesn't bear thinking about

So I will argue with the insurance company this morning, but don't expect them to pay anything, even though it will be the same surgeon.

Fingers tightly crossed for a successful, if expensive, outcome quite soon.

@jengosmonkey Just ordered both 1.5 and 1.75. Amazon Prime means delivery tomorrow !

Thank you for the suggestion

@zande oh good. I hope one of them works for you. The good part, for me, is that cheaters are cheap. I destroy, lose, scratch, smash and step on mine all the time. I usually get them in three packs. Although, shocking as it seems, I haven’t lost a pair to a Basenji yet. 😂

@Zande Just curious if your new cheaters were delivered and if you can see well enough to trim a Basenjis toe nail? I sure hope so. 😊

@jengosmonkey They arrived on time and I found the 1.5 totally useless at the moment for both eyes. Even with magnification my arms are simply not long enough and anyway, they work at different distances for each eye which makes things a bit difficult !

The 1.75 is SUPER for the operated eye, but useless for the unoperated one. Whereas the computer glasses I have under prescription work for the unoperated eye and are useless for the operated one.

And again, they work at different distances for each eye.

What I am doing is using the 1.75 and my prescription computer glasses by turn and shutting or otherwise covering up the other eye. This way I avoid headaches.

The operated eye is becoming more settled and (to make this Basenji relevant) my son drove me to pick up Kito - my new puppy, Mku's half brother, and I wore only wrap around sunglasses designed to go over normal spectacles. No double vision and much more clarity.

So far (it is almost 6 pm here) the hospital has not carried out its threat to cancel my post-op checkup tomorrow. So I HOPE to find out more about when the second eye will be fixed and I can have my eyes tested for glasses to correct the astigmatism. Bifocals seem to be indicated.

Kito is divine ! He wriggled on my lap all the way home until he found my bait pouch. We had walked Mku in the woods on the way to pick him up. I tried to get a photo of his wee head right inside the pouch as he served himself lunch from Mku's kibble.

They have been curled up asleep in the same bed this afternoon and - touch wood VERY hard - I have managed to get him outside in time. Once he appear to ask to go out - or perhaps I read the signs correctly (!). Anyway, out into the garden and he emptied on the grass.

He is a food orientated, astute, self assured little monkey who is going to fit in here very easily and quickly. Mku is still slightly apprehensive but playing gently with the puppy.

Recall training starts tomorrow - or Tuesday - cos of the hoped for hospital visit.

Can’t wait to see photos of Kito!🐾❤

@zande - WooHoo, welcome home Kito!

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