Looking for basenji puppy in California, southern Oregon, or western Nevada

  • Hi all,

    I know I'm really late in the year to be asking, but if anyone knows of a reputable breeder with an unclaimed puppy this year, please let me know. My household had a basenji in the 80's - 90's, and after our last dog died (a mutt, age 18.5), we are wanting to get another basenji.

    Looking for: red puppy, male or female. We live in central California and will go anywhere we can drive to in a day. We must be able to meet one or both parents.

    Any leads would be greatly appreciated.


  • @milena - Basenji puppies are typically only born in Nov/Dec/Jan as they only come in season once a year. You can search for responsible breeders at www.basenji.org by state, however as far as I know all responsible breeders on the West Coast already have full reservation lists. You would be looking at litters possible in 2021. This is the time to connect with a responsible breeder and get on their reservation lists for 2021. Basenjis do shed and have dander so they are not really hypoallergenic. While they can do well with people with allergies, you need to spend time with them and more than one time. Be sure that you check out health testing yourself, regardless of what you might be advised. Tests for DNA testing is public knowledge at www.ofa.org. You need to have either a registration number or name to check this out for yourself to verify.

  • @tanza Hi, yes I know most lists are full. I emailed everyone on that list already (except those who stated they weren't having puppies this year), but only a few people even replied to me. So I'm turning here in the hopes that someone has a litter they weren't expecting or something like that.
    I'm aware of the time of year that basenji puppies are born (we've had a basenji before). We put our dog to sleep last month and thought we could wait a year for a new one, but are now realizing how empty and sad the house is without a dog. Thank you for your info about the health testing, I didn't know about ofa.org.

  • @milena - Sorry about your loss, it is always difficult.... Note that not all are good about responding to email, you should try calling them. Personal interaction is sometimes better. I know all the responsible breeders on the West Coast and they have way more reservations then the pups they had or are expecting. DNA tests for Fanconi and PRA are public records, other health testing it is the breeders option to have those records added to OFA. Sometimes a breeder might have an off season litter so good time to get to know them now for possible future pups.

  • @tanza Thanks for the info--it's great that health tests are public record. I'll give them another day or so and then try calling. I came across your site last week and you've had some beautiful dogs!

  • @milena - Thank you for that... we are not breeding for this year and for next at this time. Always better to contact by phone directly, especially since you have had Basenjis in the past...if I can be of further help, please contact me... you can find my direct email below on my website or phone number

  • Just type in Basenji Puppies on your browser and see what comes up. There are Basenji puppies out there they are companion dogs not show dogs. Lots of them in California and Oregon not listed in BCOA

  • I would want to see the parents and where and how they were raised. Make sure its not a puppy mill.

  • @sakuhn62 Yeah that's my concern. Lots of the results when I tried a google search seemed suspicious to me. I certainly only need pet quality, I just don't want to deal with someone who is unscrupulous

  • @tanza Thanks so much for taking all this time to give me advice. I didn't think to call people since I didn't want to be a bother, but now I will. Thanks for offering future help too. You've certainly left a good impression on me.

  • Completely agree that parentage is important. That’s what makes Sally’s pedigree database so valuable. No one else is doing it. No one. Not BCOA. We can access it for free and get info in seconds. Meeting the breeder is just as important as is meeting a parent. And as Pat points out... OFA is key too for checking Fanconi and PRA. Pat has a friend, Kathy, who sent me a very thorough checklist to use when selecting a breeder and pup. Use all the tools you can.

    Still, Jengo was a rescue. Karen brought out several dogs one by one. I knew it was going to be him within the first 3 minutes of meeting him. We knew nothing about his parentage, health, or upbringing. I just observed him, his temperament and went with my gut. It’s all I had.

  • I have had one puppy out of the seven Basenjis. The other six have been adopted from BRAT (Basenji Rescue and Transport) or from breeders I found through clubs. My current two I adopted from breeders I found through a Portland club. You can google Basenji clubs California and start contacting breeders.

    I had one puppy and would not want to repeat the experience. At 4 to 6 years Basenjis start to mellow. For a Basenji that means they found one piece of furniture to chew on instead of all your furniture or cabinets or walls...

  • @jengosmonkey - Here is the link on interviewing breeders that you mentioned in your post. https://basenji.org/index.php/about-basenjis/screen-breeders

  • @milena said in Looking for basenji puppy in California, southern Oregon, or western Nevada:

    only need pet quality

    IMHO, while some dogs are better qualified to be in the show ring, serious breeders are seldom aiming for "pet quality" pups. Serious (ethical) breeders strive for their pups to be healthy, well adjusted, and to meet all of the breeds standards. You may only be looking for a purebred pet from a reputable breeder, but you really are not looking for a dog that is "less than" other dogs of the same breed. Oftentimes, a breeder will allow one of their adult dogs to go to a new home. Inquire about all possible options.

  • @elbrant Yes, that's a valid point and I don't mean to offend any breeders by suggesting some dogs are of a lower standard. I've heard that for some dog breeds, white from the tummy that extends too far up the sides/legs/chest is seen as less desirable for show dogs. So that is all that I meant by that comment

  • @tanza Yes! That's a great list that I'll absolutely be using!

  • @shankara Oh yes, I've heard the stories! 🙂 Our first basenji chewed through the seatbelt of my mom's car on a road trip. He turned into a wonderful and patient dog though. I'm certainly looking into BRAT too.

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