• Need a little help guys and gals... Thor has been chasing bunnies in our back yard....He is in a pool cage enclosure, (live in Fl). The good thing is he has a great running area....like a race track, the down side...he has created a boo boo on his foot and between his toe. It has become sore and it is actively noted by his gate. We have been using a salve on him but lately with the number of rabbits breeding and babies.....you get the picture.
    He runs.....I don’t want it to get worse, he does groom these areas....and I am not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing?
    The nail does not appear to be ragged. the run is on brick pavers....no they are not hot....the screen is UVA&B protection. I walk on them in my bare feet all the time even on the warmest days of our summer....
    Some how the nail is causing the abrasion... he runs in a circle, he Does go in both directions but mostly one way, the grassy side of the pool cage. His nails are very short, vet thought that we were clipping them, we have never had to. Can’t stop him from running but he doesn’t need a sore foot? Got any suggestions?

  • You could put boots on him, either all round or on that one paw, until it heals. He won't like the boot and will likely try to remove it, so you would need to supervise whenever he was wearing it. Other than restricting his access to the pool area for awhile that's the best I can suggest. As far as him cleaning the foot, you need to watch that he doesn't create a lick granuloma.

  • If you put some kind of salve on (I like Calendula cream) then also put a teeny touch of Tee Tree oil near. The smell of that will keep him from licking for awhile.

  • @sandy-hovis said in Sore paw:

    Some how the nail is causing the abrasion...

    Could the abrasion be caused by the concrete surrounding the pool? They don't typically bother our feet, but it would be like running on sandpaper for a pup speeding back and forth with 180 degree turns at either end. -- just a thought, not sure how to resolve the issue, possibly restricting that area until the injury is healed?

  • Are you sure it is the nail that is causing abrasion between the toes? It doesn't seem possible for that to happen if the nail is short. I live in Florida and my b boy developed a sore between his toes. I bought baby socks, applied various salves (including tea tree oil and vicks vaporub) and taped the top of the sock to hold it in place. It didn't work, but it did keep my b busy trying to remove the offending sock. It turned out to be an environmental allergy. Check with your vet.

    You could try washing your b's feet after running on the lanai (or going outside), but first you might need to get the sore healed before the foot washes will keep the foot healthy. Salves didn't work - we used an antiseptic shampoo to wash the feet and Mal-A-Ket wipes to clean the sore (both acquired from the vet). Then once the sore healed, I continue to wash his feet with soap/water after being outside. My b also has black spots on the knuckles on top of his paws. I thought it was dirt, but the vet said that it too was a sign of allergy.

    As soon as we leave Florida. He clears up completely. Washing his feet often has really helped - no more sores. I bought a soft brush to "scrub" his toes (top and bottom) and he stands calmly in the kitchen sink (especially if I smear peanut butter or cream cheese on the counter top :->).

  • @eeeefarm how to prevent the granuloma....? What do I look for?

  • @wizard thanks for the suggestion, liking off is a problem, try to put it on when he at the early stage of rest. Will give it a try

  • @pawla there is a spot between toe and an small area on his paw. The spot between his toe is like a little cut. Tough to really see both sites well. he keeps his paw balled up when we try to inspect them. I am sure it hurts him. Are you talking about a fungus on the foot when you use the term allergies?
    We are trying to keep him inside more, especially when we know the bunnies are in mass during the early eve hrs. We have a nest in my neighbors hedge....doesn’t help.

    Socks, and boot are gonna be a challenge, but he can keep busy......But if slows him down, and let’s that paw heal, it’s worth trying. If I don’t see progress soon, to the vet we go.

  • @elbrant pavers are rough, they are not so rough that walking with bare feet harms you (human feet). Like you said, I am not going mock 1 around and around. Also he scratches on the screens, when the rabbits are right in his face and thus a secondary reason. We have obstacles in the corners....but he is so prey driven hard to keep him from bouncing and scratching on the screens. Even with some boo boos....

    Is there any other serious paw issues that I need to look out for?

  • Some Basenjis are prone to interdigital cysts. There used to be a salve based on copper sulphate which worked wonders. But I would suggest a visit to the vet to be sure what it is and what is causing it.

    And I can't visualise the sort of play area he has ! The word 'pool' makes me think he is racing around in a empty swimming pool ? but I doubt this is the case in Florida - Hmmmm

    Please enlighten this ignorant Brit !

  • @sandy-hovis said in Sore paw:

    @pawla there is a spot between toe and an small area on his paw. The spot between his toe is like a little cut. Tough to really see both sites well. he keeps his paw balled up when we try to inspect them.

    You really need to get a good look at what you are dealing with and I think getting a vet to check it would be your best option at this point. Lick granulomas are more often on the leg, but could get started on a paw with excessive licking, which would be my concern if he doesn't leave it alone. Depending on what the problem is, you might need to medicate and have him wear the "cone of shame" until it heals.

  • @eeeefarm said in Sore paw:

    have him wear the "cone of shame" until it heals.

    It isn't a cone of shame, it's an Elizabethen Ruff !

  • Been a rainy two days in Fl Thor has not had the normal pool side runs. it’s our rainy season here in SW Fl. USA.
    His paw is looking a bit better, less red between the toe, bottom pad as well. and back to a normal gait. The rest ( lack of running on deck pavers)....seems to be helping. I am going to stay on top of this problem because I can’t keep him from running....It’s his safe run area.

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