• so this weekend I have furthur realized how wonderful my little boy is. We took Dash for a run all three days this weekend and he was an absolute joy and the fact that he slept the rest of the day didn't hurt either. But we had people over last night and I could leave him out. I have always had to put my dog up when people came over. But Dash is so good. He just sat in my chair or watched my neighbor's little boy for him to drop anything that he could eat. When we were eating dinner he layed in the living room and chewed on his bone until I was done and gave him my leftover chicken.

    He had really proved to be a perfect addition to our family. Almost makes me want another. But Ern won't let me.

  • Awwww what a good boy 😃 :D…but don't let that fool you into getting another one :eek: :eek: LOL

  • I was SO proud of Senji this weekend! We went up to my brother's home for a visit. (Senji's first home) He was perfectly behaved, even though he had to deal with 7 screaming girls…ages 4-14. He just hung out of the back yard patio area with the adults. He even let the girls pet him without snarking. The neighbor had their beagle tied out and was howling in the yard, and Senji didn't even try to go over there to "investigate." 😃

  • Hmmmmm … they do better in pairs, don't they?! LOL! 😃

  • LOL, it is so funny to read posts like this because I remember Caesar as a young basenji….

    I used to think to myself, "they must be crazy to think multiples would be okay".:D Caesar was truely chaotic young but has been such a blessing in my life.

    He really mellowed out. I can relate to this thread now, but years ago, would have disagreed. LOL

  • Funny how good training pays off and makes you proud of the little rascal. Family who've seen Duke in action when he was younger couldn't believe I got another one like him (Daisy). I am a so proud of Duke. Daisy is coming along OK, but we're still going thru all the training . . . it pay off big time.

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